Home of the brave, we must be.

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Wave after wave after wave. Tragedy after tragedy after tragedy.

It seems never-ending, all-consuming and everywhere.

Upon recent events, my heart literally aches for our country, for the families directly affected, for those who were punished for trying to protect, for those wrongfully stereotyped or mistreated– for everyone.

The definition of our ignorance is displayed when we let satan convince us that we are ALL anything but human in desperate need of a savior. Our defining factor is determined by the hands who made us, which inherently makes us all the same.

I may step on some toes here or lose some followers by saying this but spiritual warfare is very real. We must not fall prey to fighting evil with evil or by letting ourselves be consumed with fear. Fear makes us irrational. It makes us vulnerable to attack. It is the opposite of the bravery He instilled in us.

We must decide today to try our very best to always show love. We must look to operate in kindness to everyone we encounter. We must speak in unity and breathe life into the hopelessness.

If you think for one second that you were created with the intent to “make it through to the other side”, you are desperately underestimating your creator and undoubtedly missing out on the chance to shift the waters.

LOVE. Link arms. PRAY. Be present. Show you care about others. LIVE in a way that represents truth– the truth that we are all children of God.

We are not to undermine the current suffering or seem idealistic and ignorant of our present struggle, but we are choosing to do what we can, with what we have, where we are and refusing to remain afraid.

It is simply not enough for me to write this or for you to read this, we must act. We must SHOW others that we believe in Jesus– we must.

No matter the oppressor or the evil that is exposed, you must always know that His love will prevail.

America, you are the Home of the Brave and we promise to do our best to live up to that. I am and will always be a ‪proud American.

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” -Psalm 34:14

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” -Romans 12:18


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