How I prepare changes how I fight.

December 28, 2015

boxing gloves

My grandfather, Pops, is one of the most special people I have the honor of knowing. He is wise, gentle and funny as all get out.

Our family had a little health scare on Christmas, as his entire side was in a lot of pain and we weren’t sure of the cause. After running test after test after test, they determined that he was probably the healthiest 91-year-old out there and the pain subsided (Thank YOU, Jesus!).

Anywho, I went over to his house tonight to hangout and we got to talking. We were discussing our New years resolutions and I was telling him how I hoped to have at least half the energy, zest for life and strength that he does at his age. He then proceeded to tell me this:

“Cleere, I can’t control what happens to my body. However, I can control what I put inside and how I prepare myself for what might come.”

See what I mean about his wisdom?

As I was driving home just smiling thinking about that sweet old man, I started really reflecting on what he said and how true that is for us all. Not just in regards to our physical health but more so, our spiritual well being.

The course of our lives, no matter how much of a planner we are, is filled with uncertainty. Sure, we have our goals and our dreams and our own picture of how we suppose things will turn out, but what is truly secure? What is up to us to control?

Honestly, I think we don’t control anything in this life except our pursuit of Him. Whether we decide to live our lives consumed by His love or chasing emptiness, the decision is ours to make.

Do I think that this means that if we do not directly seek Him, then He is absent? Absolutely NOT! He never is. He finds us. He pursues us. He never gives up.

But much like my grandfather said, how well we prepare and how well we seek Him in our strength determines how well prepared we will be when life throws us a curveball and our weakness is exposed.

My grandfather couldn’t control the fact that his side was hurting or that his heart was suddenly beating fast, but he had prepared his body to fight illness and dig deep. When he wanted to run out, his reserve tank had been filled for times such as this; his discipline, obedience and steadfastness up until this point had prepared his body for the weak moments.

Much like with us, we do not know what will come our way, but we can be becoming stronger and wiser and more like Him NOW so that we are stronger THEN!

That’s the whole point. That you decide to be a warrior now, knowing the potential of war, rather than waiting until the battle is raging to decide to learn how to fight.

So, I guess my question to you is this: What are you feeding yourself? How are you preparing? How are you strengthening your soul and your mind and your heart?

It requires His word.

It requires just being with Him, inviting His presence and taking the time to be STILL.

It requires putting aside the phone, letting go of the distractions and pursuing your Jesus.

Uncertainty is so scary. Let’s be real. And I know I discuss this all the time, but somehow, I feel like I keep having this revelation that I am so small and He is so big and life is a vapor.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

In the in between, will we waste it exhausting ourselves with things that we know hold no eternal value?

Or will we suit ourselves with His armor, read words that feed our spirit and encourage our hearts and run recklessly after the author of peace?

I pray, for me and for you, that it is the latter.

Friend, you simply do not know what tomorrow will hold. Your life is fragile and it is vulnerable and that is why it is so beautiful. The essence of it’s value is that it is completely undeserved and tomorrow is never promised.

Will you give your soul some happy food and start feasting on the Word instead of instagram, Facebook and the news every moment of every day?

Will you understand that how you prepare changes how you fight?

Will you act now upon the reality that because your future is unknown, you must seek Him in the present moment?

He knows everything – like everything- so don’t you think He would be pretty good at preparing you for it? Thought so ☺

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” -2 Timothy 2:15

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