Hug the Guard.



Since I had nothing to do today, I decided it would be super fun to stay up until 5 am last night/this morning (Joke! My neighbors were listening to ACDC apparently).

Anywho, I started to think about go-karts.

Why you might ask? Maybe because it’s a passive aggressive, politically correct way to take out your anger on someone, AKA my neighbors at the time.

My brain, in its’ normal form, started to go on a tangent.


When’s the last time you rode them?

If you’ve never gone, I recommend them. I am a tad competitive so I get a little aggressive, but that’s besides the point.

The more I’ve done them, the more I’ve wondered what the “secret” trick is to coming in first place and somehow avoiding a concussion.

Often in go-karts, a tactic used to get ahead is to knock someone else to the side or hit them just right to where you can wedge yourself in between that inside rubber guard and their car and edge to the front of the pack.

I’ve seen it work before, for a few seconds at least, where the person who knocked the other one takes the lead and gets ahead.

And then all the sudden, that person whom they knocked creeps their way back up, always keeping their eyes on the rubber guard and staying as close to the inside of the track as possible.

Eventually, that other person who knocked them tries to knock someone else as their first place position is jeopardized and they fall back, allowing the insider to take the trophy.

The trick: Hug the guard and don’t focus on the other cars’ positions.

I feel like we treat life like go-karts sometimes and we are all that tool that thinks by knocking someone else off course, we will advance our own position.

Their lack of self-confidence is a boost in our own, right?!

YEAH, um, NO!

Just like on the track, your car may gain a few inches temporarily, but your position will always be compromised by those around you and your fear of losing will debilitate your ability to drive.

What’s the secret?

Well, it is no secret.

It’s obvious and well-tested and free to everyone: Hug the guard.

Stay close to Christ and your position will never be compromised.

Just like at the fun park, it may seem like you’re losing at first but guess what?  You will always come out ahead!

So while I may have retreated to the go-karts to release my tension, I know that when I’m on the real track and doing this whole “life” thing, I need to stay close to the rubber guard.

I can’t worry about other drivers.

I just have to hug the guard and trust that the One who built the track knows way better than I do.

My encouragement to you: Hug the guard.

Depend on Jesus.

Rely on Jesus.

Believe in His promises.

Claim His goodness in your life, despite when you feel “behind” in the race.

Know it’s a journey.

The guard doesn’t lead you astray

A lot of go-karts may have come through this bad boy but that rubber guard is the foundation for every race and the only thing that provides direction.

Love y’all! Praying you stick to the inside of the track, quit knocking others to improve your own position, keep your eyes ahead and have fun!

Oh, and don’t play ACDC at 4 a.m. or you’ll probably be given a car with a bad wheel or something. It’s just wrong.

“Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.” -Proverbs 4:25

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