I expect God to show up.

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Isn’t it hard though? To change the filter we have used for success for so long and see our situation the way the Lord sees it?

Having expectations is part of the human reality. We were built to be expectant, to anticipate what is next, to look to the future for all that’s to come…but what are our expectations really about?

Someone once told me, “If you never have expectations, you’ll never be disappointed.” And while I can see the logic behind that, my heart can’t manage to hang onto such a hopeless statement.

How about this: “If you always expect God to show up, you will never be disappointed.” Now, that? That, I can trust in, cling to and take to the bank.

And sometimes God showing up in big ways means that we take hard falls. And sometimes God showing up means He allows us to see what doesn’t work so that we can rightfully walk into what does. And sometimes God showing up means exactly that–He is present.

Let me ask you this: Is there anything more successful or rewarding or noble than walking with Him and learning His heart? No. There isn’t!

So maybe if we just shifted our perspective- maybe if we realized that our picture of success and our hefty expectations were solely about us and the Lord was saying, “It’s always been about Me.” …Him! That’s what our journey is about.

You will fall and you will fly but when you do both with Jesus, it is the most brilliant form of success.


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