Interrupt your Anxiety with Gratitude

Have you ever tried it? I mean, truly implemented this statement?

The MOMENT you begin to feel anxiety start to rise up, open your mouth and say what you are thankful for today.

It doesn’t have to “feel deep.” In fact, choosing to express gratitude when you’re in the midst of worry is deciding to NOT let your feelings win. It requires intentionality and discipline and usually is the opposite of how you’re feeling.

You see, anxiety says, “YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON AND WORRY ABOUT THIS! What’s going to happen? How are you going to get through this? Did you hear what that person said? What’s your plan?”
As it whispers incessantly in your ear, that’s when you STOP and say “No. I may not have all the answers and this hurdle may seem overwhelming but I know who has my back!

Devil, you may want me to be anxious but do you know my God? This situation is in His hands and it is HANDLED.
Whatever is next, He will provide. Wherever He calls, He will sustain me there. I am grateful for His direction, His truth, His peace, His love!”

Don’t apologize or ask anxiety to please leave as it makes its few last remarks; No, you tell it where to go, quit giving it airtime and start praising your Jesus for ALL He has done and all you know He will do.

Do you desire peace? Gratitude is the gateway.

“The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!” -Psalm 50:23



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