Is He actually a good God?

Jan 31 IG-02
We all have heard a basic overview of how sin came into the world, right?

Adam and Eve, aka the first humans created on the Earth, were hanging out in the Garden of Eden. Everything was beautiful and perfect and pure.

Upon leaving, God gave them one direction for their existence: DO NOT EAT FROM THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

A&E, you got that? There are like a million trees around here but that is the only one that I do not want you to touch.

Well, as soon as they were alone, the serpent (better known as Satan), entered the garden and asked them: “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

Having already known what the Lord had instructed, Satan was not asking a question to gain information, he was simply placing doubt. He knew that if he could get them to even entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe, God was not good and did not know best, that he could get them to disobey His instruction.

Isn’t that how it works for us? The story of Adam and Eve may feel ancient to us but the theme of it could not be any more relevant.

I have found in my own life, that all of my sin–my heartbreak, my failures, my rebellion, my shortcomings– they all come from me reacting to life in a way that says, “God, I’m not sure if you know what is best for me in this situation, so I am going to exercise this judgement myself.”


It’s like the moment you begin to consider staying on the couch and not going to the gym, guess what? You are totally watching Netflix all night.

You let a little bit of doubt creep in and soon enough, it is making soup and making itself at home.

Y’all, the reason why behavior modification is such a temporary fix is because the reason why we DO what DO is because we BELIEVE what we BELIEVE.

Our sin and our shame and our secrecy and our shortcomings come from our failure to believe that God is all we need. They originate when our brain starts to ponder, “Hmm…maybe I can do this on my own? Maybe He doesn’t know what is best for me?”

God LOVES you. So much. So, so, so much! He is not trying to withhold something good from you; rather, He is trying to give you every lasting and truly good thing, while doing His best to protect you.

But just like Adam and Eve, we have a choice. That choice is birthed out of God’s desire for us to choose HIM! For us to choose to trust Him, even when the fruit on the forbidden tree looks juicy and desirable and just right, we have to trust that His instruction and His provision are always sovereign.

“For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” -Psalm 84:11


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