It is well.

Jesus, whatever my life, You have taught me to say, “It is well”.

It is well with my soul.

No matter the circumstances, in the midst of the heartache, during the chemo treatment and throughout the divorce, in the whirlwind of a loved one’s addiction, it is well.

Sometimes, actually more often than not, it is easy to say those words with our lips but let our actions still flow out of fear or our desire to control or fix the situation.

We give our most desperate attempts to claw and salvage at whatever is being taken away. Or we run away from Jesus, letting the heaviness of our emotions and the lack of fulfillment consume us- “WHERE ARE YOU FATHER!?” we cry.

Depending on our seasons, these tug-of-wars cause great tension between our hearts and our minds as we seek to respond to our circumstances. How do we live WELL when our soul is sick with worry, pain, heartache, deceit, fear, guilt, etc?

For me, I have to continually lay it down. And despite my best human efforts to leave burdens at the cross, I always find a way to get my trembling hands back on them, thinking maybe I can save just a little bit of something. But then, my flesh intervenes and my soul remembers my dependence. I am incapable on my own.

I am learning so much about strength. How little I have on my own but how much My Father is willing to give to me. He truly is my strength. When I desperately want to forfeit, He steps in and says “flex”.

I am learning that “it is well” is not a statement based on circumstance, it is based on the Creator.

It is well because of who my Father is and He is always well.

It is well because my limited perspective makes me fearful but His grand view shows the whole world in His hands.

It is well when I am in the midst of a fire and everything in me is scrambling to find a way to escape, He looks at me and says, “I am refining you.”

Friends- do we really mean it when we say “You will be done”? Or do we really stand firm in our statement of, “If that’s what it takes to praise You, bring the rain.”

Do we rest in the process or does anxiety still fill our journey?

As I look back on my life and the times that have truly been defining moments for my character, they were all times when my back was up against the wall- moments when I was terrified and unsure, between a rock and a hard place and I HAD to depend on Jesus.

My faith grew. My relationship with Jesus couldn’t be a side-item or part of who I was, it was EVERYTHING I knew.

So, as we approach the Holiday season and the new year, as we finish out 2015, my prayer is that we will be people who remain at a posture of rest.

A posture of rest does not mean an absence of pain or exemption from pressure, it means a choice to stand firm in faith and let the purification of the process be your greatest desire.

I am hoping that our spiritual maturity and our faith muscles kick-in, that the basis of our gratitude is far greater than what meets the physical eye, but rather what we do not see.

It. Is. Well.


I do not have to understand or know your circumstance to know that for your life, I just have to know your Jesus. And with Him, it is well.

p.s. Challenging myself- AND YOU- to take whatever storm or circumstance or concern that trumps your focus and THANK HIM for refining you through it. You are getting stronger everyday. I believe in you.

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” -Psalm 62:5


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