It’s the little things.

Has someone whom you had hardly ever met ever remembered your name when you least expected it? Or has a friend sent you an encouraging text right before you had a emotional breakdown? Or did the cashier at Zaxby’s not charge you extra money for a side or ranch? (Ranch was made my angels). Yes, all of these are small things that don’t take much effort. However, to the person who receives that free ranch sauce, that little act of kindness makes their meal worth every penny. And the best part? They smile while eating it cause it was FREE.

How easy is it to make someone’s day? Really, when you think about it, it just requires being thoughtful. Maybe, it means thinking of their favorite show and remembering to tape it for them. Something that requires just that little bit of extra thought and that two minutes of extra time that will put the biggest smile on another person’s face. It’s these little things that can turn one long, bad day into a good one.

I wasn’t having a bad day today necessarily, but there were two instances today that completely lightened my mood! I started to get bogged down by thinking about my assignments and various responsibilities for this week when I was driving to work. I stopped halfway to fill up my gas tank and as I walked into the gas station to pay, the man said “Good Morning Cleere!” with a huge smile pasted on his face. Let me tell you what, he was far from having a case of the Mondays. In fact, he was having a case of the Friday’s! And boy did it cheer me up. A little lightbulb went off in my head as I said to myself, “He just remembered my name!” I think I had told him one time a couple weeks ago but I was amazed by the fact that after seeing tons of customers on a daily basis, he took the time to remember that information! “I will have a good morning!”, I thought as I walked out the door with the same smile my friend, Roger, had when I walked in. It was like that obnoxiously large smile was a sticker that was suddenly transferred from his face to mine.

I’m pretty sure my sticker smile lasted all day but if it had worn off in the least bit, my night was made by another kind, small act. When I came home, I was given a Valentine from my roommate’s sister, Kathleen, that said, “Cleere, you are a star!” with a bag of starbursts attached. So cheesy aka so perfect. I loved it! She had no reason to do that for us but she did. She wanted to make us feel special. And once again, my sticker smile wouldn’t go away.

This is the thing: Little acts that change our attitudes, moods, and outlook on that day aren’t the things that are listed on google as the “way to make someone’s day!” (Although I’m sure those work, too). These acts are just one person nudging another saying, “Hey, I hope you have a good day!”, or “Hey, be happy. Life ain’t bad!” or “Hey, you’re a star!” It’s a little act that goes a very long way.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of pinning seventy pins of the Notebook and ordering my own chocolate covered strawberries, I think I’ll try to do a few “little things” for different people throughout my day. Valentine’s Day is about love, right? And if you think about it, love is often summed up by a lot of “little things.” So, wear your sticker smile and make someone’s day. No excuses, it’s Valentine’s Day.

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