Jesus’ Shoulders.

Imagine this.

A little girl dressed in her frilly church dress and white sandals matching the big white bow in her hair. Her bouncy curls were almost as big as her and she is just tall enough to reach her daddy’s hand without him having to bend lower to hold it.

“Daddy, I can’t see! I can’t see! Where are all the floats?” she asks.

The little girl’s view was clouded with people shuffling everywhere, traffic clobbering the streets and snack trucks taking up the sidewalks. This parade was just not what she had imagined it to be.

As she got discouraged and sad, her big blue eyes focused on each step her white sandals took along the pavement. The more she walked, the harder it became to be excited about this parade her dad had talked so much about.

Just as she thought she might run out of numbers to count, she felt her father’s strong grip pull her up on his shoulders. It felt like she was flying for a second.

Wow. She was in awe.

“Dad!!!! Look!!! Just like you said! The snow white float and the Cinderella float!!! And I see all the dwarves too! I wonder where Sleepy is? He is funny!” she said.

Her dad had not said a word besides, “Just be patient, Sophie.” the entire time they were walking. And now, he gripped Sophie’s hands tightly as she hopped up and down on his shoulders, unable to hide her excitement. He knew how much she had been looking forward to today so he didn’t say a word. He let Sophie say everything she wanted to. Everything, as he listened with a grin on his face.

You see, Sophie was discouraged because from her view, the parade was boring. It was not what she expected. it was disappointing. it discouraged her spirit.

But when Sophie got on her daddy’s shoulders? It was more than she had ever dreamed. It was exciting. full of life! More colors than any coloring book. More princesses than the movies. And sleepy, the dwarf, even waved just to her.

This is how God is with our lives.

We must remember that sometimes we are in the midst of walking to see the parade. Sometimes life is not glamorous. Sometimes it can be tiring and discouraging. Sometimes, it can crush our spirit if we do not cling to the eternal hope that we have been promised.

However, when we ride on Jesus’ shoulders, letting Him grasp our hands as we watch in awe of his creations around us, our spirits soar. Our perspective is completely renewed, refreshed and revitalized. We have a front row seat to the best show in the world when we live life from a Jesus perspective. And just when you think you might run out of numbers to count as your feet hit the pavement step by step, keep on going. Your father’s hand is never too early and never too late.

So, my friends, do not discouraged when you have to take a few more steps and life isn’t all you expected. Hold onto Jesus’ hand because this is one parade you will NOT want to miss!

And believe me, when you’re on Jesus’ shoulders, you get VIP treatment. Who do you think makes up fairy-tales anyway?

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