Just Get on the Bull!

Some things in life just plain out aren’t fun to do.

Duh. I can think of like 70 things off the top of my mind that I’ve had to do in the past that could not be described “fun”, no matter how you spelled it out.

However, I would venture to say that it’s not always our situation that handicaps us, but rather our fear of tackling the situation at hand.

We spend so much time thinking about what might happen with a situation or circumstance that we become absolutely terrified to deal with it head on.

I’m AWFUL at this.

My mind starts going, and throughout the day, I will give it a little “negative snack” per say and think a few thoughts that certainly don’t encourage me to do what I need to do.

Once my mind grabs hold of those, it just begins to feast on the “what-ifs” that could happen and the reality of the difficulty of my situation.

However, if I would have just entered the situation with my head up high, it might have been difficult but it surely wouldn’t have been so painful!

We often TALK about how much something hurts that even if our pain was relieved, we wouldn’t even know it because we are so busy talking!

Life is not always fun.  That. Is. A. fact.

Sometimes we have to confront people who’ve hurt us.

Sometimes we have to deal with the consequences of making a bad decision.

Sometimes we have to face our fears.

And sometimes we just have to deal with our present circumstances which often don’t seem fair or deserved.

But what I’ve realized is, the more you talk and the less that you do, the more that you dread and it just consumes you!

I just rhymed

Truly though- I think we need a kick in the knees sometimes and a realization that despite the upcoming waves, we have one direction we must travel in: FORWARD!

Just get on the bull!

It might be a wild ride and not the most preferable situation but by tackling it and not running away, you are acting on the faith that Jesus is bigger than your present circumstances and He is in control of your safety.

No matter how many times you feel like you’re about to get bucked off, HOLD ON!

So, my friend, stop merely LOOKING and dreading having to ride that “bull” in your life.

Button up your wranglers and put your game face on, it’s go time!

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