Just gotta let it go.

Letting go is so hard. Have you ever had a situation in your life that consumed you and you just couldn’t seem to let it go? Or maybe it is that specific person who held onto your heart for so long that convinces you another person will not be able to love you like they did? Or maybe it is a negative situation that, although you know it isn’t good for you, you just can’t seem to part ways with?

Whatever it is, I think we have all been there before. For me, letting go is kinda terrifying. I think it scares me because I’m afraid I’m losing something that might potentially be good for me. And because letting go means that I have to release something from my hands that used to provide me comfort. It hurts to know that something or someone that is so close to you could potentially be a stranger. Often times, because we don’t want to have to experience that foreignness, we decide to keep that door just a little bit open, you know, just in case!

Well, let me tell you that those little cracks we like to leave open can often be a way for the devil to get a foothold in our life. He likes to pull at our heartstrings and tempt us with situations and people that he knows affect us. What good would it be if he toiled with people whom we hardly knew or situations we didn’t give a flip about?! He’d never get to us! Satan picks our weaknesses because he knows that is where we have the most fear.

Don’t worry, you CAN beat him at his own game. Easily. But the trick is, we have to be willing to let go of what God wants to take out of our lives, no matter how comfortable we feel in it. We must be willing to close those doors and LET GO of situations or people that can consume us. While it may hurt saying “good-bye” and the process of first putting one foot in front of the other is not an easy one, by any means, it is always a better choice than hanging out in the quick sand where the devil wants to make you slip.

I think people easily confuse Jesus’ guidance as the automatic, easy route. Um, wrong. Sorry! Following Jesus is not always easy but it is ALWAYS BEST. While the other path may have been a little easier to walk by appearance, it provides so much less joy and abundant life than the life Jesus has planned for you. Because when the path is difficult but it’s His will, He always intervenes on your behalf. Always. Providing you with the strength, direction, energy and endurance to more than make the journey.

So, my dear friend, let go! It hurts, yes. It may be terrifying to think something so “steady” will change in your life. Although you may be used to climbing that rope, don’t you see how rough and tired your hands are? It is time to move forward and be excited about the hopeful times in your future rather than rehearsing the events from your past!

Do not worry about the people you are “letting go” of, those are God’s children too. He will take care of their hearts and guide their feet, just like He is doing for you. Do not worry about the situations you have to “abandon” because if God calls you out of something, He will clean up your place after you get up.

Sometimes the little tiny part that we are use to holding on is the very part God is asking us for. Don’t let fear keep you stagnant. Unclench your hand. Let it all go and come, just as you are, to His feet. He has been waiting for you:-)

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