Just Keep Going.

Over the course of the past month, both in my life and others around me, I have noticed a general theme: We don’t know everything. No, seriously. It’s true (crazy, right?) While we may know facts that we’ve learned through school or life experiences and we may have seemed to have life down to an art, there is always something that creeps us and reminds us, we simply don’t know everything. In fact, we hardly know anything at all.

Where I am going with this? Good question. I think what I am trying to say is that our plan is not sovereign and while we are all smart individuals and capable of being very intellectually stimulated people, our brains will NEVER, have NEVER and can NOT grasp this life as a whole. You see, no matter what view we have in this life (even if you do own the penthouse suite in NYC, by the way, call me if so…just kidding) you will never be able to see the whole picture. Our knowledge is limited to the here and the now. We can make predictions about the future based on our current circumstances. But news flash: those circumstances will most likely be different tomorrow! That is one revelation I came to recently: Although worrying is futile anyway, it really makes absolutely no sense if you break it down logically. Worrying is stupid for two reasons: One, it is either trying to solve tomorrow’s problems or future worries with today’s circumstances, resources and abilities. That is CRAZY! Maybe you’re worried about paying rent and a check from your grandparents comes in the mail the day before it is due (gotta love grandparents). Useless, right? God knew exactly what He was doing! And the second reason is: Worrying is often directed towards a situation, life circumstance or person we can’t control! Our hands are tied. Would you begin to study for a test after you had already taken it? No! Sounds like an easy question, right? Well, worrying is essentially the same thing. After you’ve submitted that test, the answers are beyond your control. Likewise in a life situation: After you’ve given your everything, the results are not in your hands! BUT take heart: They are in God’s. Always. He tells us over and over again in His word not to worry. Why? Because He sees past the current circumstance. He sees the whole entire forest and He knows everything WILL be okay!

Sorry to go off on a little tangent there but my reasoning for that was, even if the current circumstances seem overwhelming, nerve-racking, scary or uncertain: Keep Going. Keep going. Don’t stop. When we are in the middle of God’s will, our steps are ordered. When you take step after step, without trying to plan too much of your route ahead of you, it allows for taking a potential by-pass that might alleviate some troubles and get to your destination faster. It allows you to look up at the scenery as you go along making the journey that much more enjoyable. Yes, clouds may loom overhead and the path may seem a little confusing but if you keep your mind focused on the prize, you might see there is a perfect little overpass waiting to huddle you as you wait for the rain to pass by. So, keep going! Sometimes it takes that last step before we just ultimately collapse when we realize why we were there in the first place. God will always provide the energy you need for the trek and the endurance you must have to stay strong. The best part is: All that is required is submitting to Him. The whole needing to be in tip-top shape for this hike, yeah, it’s not required.

Just like the orange peel, sometimes you feel completely open, vulnerable, exposed, fearful or nervous about what is coming up. The current circumstances seem to not make sense in this “plan” you had devised for yourself. But if you listen to anything I’ve said so far, listen to this friend: GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! Always!!! His plan is bigger, better, greater, more magical and awesome than anything you could have ever dreamed! (Believe me, I go the coolest places in my dreams so this is pretty exciting!)

And you simply gotta admit, that whole orange peel carrying itself is pretty dang impressive. And so are you. Keep going.

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