Just, make the move.

October 27, 2015


One life change that absolutely can knock your world upside down and all around.

Maybe it’s just to a new neighborhood in town. Or even to a new city within the same state. Or it could be states away, like the kinda move that requires a plane ride to get to your old home.

Whatever type of move it is, it changes your routine. Your drive to work won’t look the same. Your child’s school district may change. Your new town may not have your favorite restaurant. Your new state of residence may feel flat and monotonous compared to the rolling hills you drove before.

I’m not sure what all the details of the moves you have made in your life look like, but I do know this: Moving is hard.

It is plain out exhausting. Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.

I recently made the trek back to North Carolina from Shreveport, Louisiana and talk about a major life change! While NC is my home state and I proudly claim the sandy shores, I had absolutely grown to love Louisiana! The people, the culture and even the flaws. It all became familiar and comforting to me.

And then, Jesus asked me to change it up. Again.

Yes, I’ve deeply missed North Carolina (I didn’t realize how beautiful it was until I left!), and I couldn’t wait to be back closer to my family and old friends, but so much of me was scared.

Scared of failure.

Scared of vulnerability.

Scared of adjusting.

Scared of having to get settled, once again.

Scared of making the wrong move.

Scared of judgement.

Scared of new friendships.

Just plain out scared. Because isn’t our heart always? When we are on the brink of walking forward in complete obedience, the doubts in our mind whisper the loudest and the fears that had crawled underneath the rug begin to peak their ugly head again.

Our soul gets overwhelmed and suddenly we begin to question our own discernment and decision-making ability, desperately wishing that God could just speak to us through a burning bush or come down in a chariot.

Talk about confirmation, right?

So, yeah, I mean that would be nice but at the same time, how incredibly liberating and empowering is it to walk in the will of the Father? To bravely and boldly step in the direction He has called you, despite your trembling feet?

As I made this move, I could feel the whisper of my Jesus say, “Well done, my love.”

Has it been easy? Are you KIDDING me? The best stuff never is.

But that makes me all the more confident that He is at work, as He has been all my life.

Friends, I think we make life so complicated sometimes. We hear the words He says, the direction He gives or the clarity He provides and we clutter it with our hypothetical situations, unfounded concerns and doubtful hearts.

We question what’s next because it is uncertain. But isn’t the uncertainty the necessary ingredient to displaying FAITH in a situation?

For, faith is stepping forward, continuing, pressing on, despite the fact that you can’t see all the details of what is next. Faith is trusting in the One who is holding your hand in the dark, believing that He is who He says He is in the light.

I want that kind of life.

And to be honest, my greatest fear is any of the things I listed above. My greatest fear is wasting my life, searching for fulfillment outside of my Savior when He has so recklessly pursued my heart.

I can’t afford to do that. And neither can you.

And you know it.

So, step. Trust Him. Don’t be afraid of change or uncertainty or difficulty, as we know that the roots of our being are most firmly established in the rain.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am believing this day is FULL of promise for you

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” -Hebrews 11:6

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