Keeping An Eternal Perspective

An eternal perspective– how do we keep that?

How, in the midst of all the chaos and all the craziness and the massive to-do list, do we keep His perspective in mind?

When so many things demand our attention, how do we manage to give our energy to the important stuff?

I know I’ve said this before, but I think with anything and everything in this life, it will always bode well for us to take a step back.

To remember the forest before chopping down or planting trees, right?

And those times when the mountains seem like they will forever block your view? You step back. And you take another step back. And you allow the gander of HIS power and His bigness overwhelm your mountain.

Because sometimes the struggle will only seem to grow…but so will your faith. And so shall your strength. And with that, your Heavenly perspective will remind you that in 100 years, your growing faith will be the only thing that matters.

Today, as we go forth and we make things happen, may we step back.

And take inventory of where our focus is and what our goals are and how we are measuring our success and our value.

Let the important things be important. And the rest? Be okay with changing things up and letting them go.

“Remember how fleeting is my life. For what futility you have created all humanity!” -Psalm 89:47

“Your throne has been established from the beginning; You are from eternity.” -Psalm 93:2


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