Kicking the Bad Habits.


Okay, do me favor.
We are resorting back to middle school and starting with an exercise. 
Put your hands together and interlace your fingers. What thumb naturally goes on top? Take note of that. Now, repeat this exercise and put the other thumb on top. 
Feels weird, right? I did it and was shocked at how strange it felt. Usually when doing this exercise, people put the same thumb on top every single time. It’s just what they do. It’s a habit and one we often do not even realize we have formed. 
The reason I wanted you to do that exercise is because this is a perfect illustration of the truth that we have habits in our lives, and much like this one, we do not even realize their existence in our lives until someone points them out and challenges us to change our ways. 
John maxwell states in his book, “Putting your dream to the test”:  “if your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.”
Woah. Heart check. 
But really, that hit me like a ton of bricks! The harsh reality is that actions speak volumes and determine where you go in life. Ask yourself that question: do your habits line up with your dream? If so, keep reading. If not, keep reading. 
If you don’t have a specific dream that comes to mind, think about how your habits affect your daily life. Maybe you don’t have a specific dream but I would venture to say that we all have the dream of making an impact and not wasting this life. So now ask yourself, are there any negative or unnecessary habits that are standing in your way of pleasing Jesus? 
If not, call me. I want to learn your secrets. If yes, then you are certainly not alone.
You see, habits don’t have to be necessarily “bad” or “evil” to be a hindrance in your life.  But if something is sucking time and energy from your life, it needs to be removed! It may not be “bad” but it is slowing up the plan for your life.  
It’s like knowing there is a bypass but willingly choosing the longer way around. Why the HECK would you do that? 
Habits are formed over time so YES, they are hard to break. They are often appealing in sight but do not offer the pleasure they promise. Others sap your time, energy and resources and still leave you feeling drained with no sense of internal rewards.
They’re hard to break. BUT I am encouraging you to assess the things in your life. The good and bad habits. Try to remove some of those roadblocks. Take one day at a time. Use the time you save from not doing those bad habits and add it to your good ones! 
Be aware that with progress, Satan has his eye on you and he would love more than anything to make you feel defeated. If you mess up, I’ll say I told you so. YOU’RE HUMAN! But know that the one living in you is a greater than the one living in this world. 
Just get ready and gear up because kicking a bad habit requires a battle. 
But whatever you do, keep going.
Just. Keep. Going. 

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