Lie Detector Test.

lie detector test

1.) What do you spend the most time doing?

2.) What do you invest your money in?

3.) What do you wake up thinking about?

4.) What do you go to sleep thinking about?

5.) What do you worry about?

6.) What are your goals?

I want you to write those questions down and really take some time to answer them, honestly.

Reality is, you are the only one who is seeing them and by lying, you’re only deceiving yourself.

I ask these questions because I was thinking the other day about what Jesus would say to me if I were to meet Him for lunch right then and there ( I believe He prefers Mexican food like myself ).

What had I been doing with my life?  Would it have pleased Him?

As I started thinking through all of this, I was overwhelmed with a sense of urgency to live a little differently.

What I mean is, when I was real with myself about all of the questions above, I realized that my words may have said “Praise Jesus” but my life was saying “Praise Cleere.”

While my long-term intentions were good, my “in-the-moment” decisions often led me in a much different direction than I claimed I was going.

While some of the answers that I gave for the questions above weren’t necessarily “bad” or “evil”, they were just not what I would hope to answer for myself if I were standing in front of my Heavenly father.

Which brings up a good point: We often think that anything that gets us off course must be bad. But the reality is, sometimes a good thing at the wrong time or in the wrong amount can be a bad thing.

Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: Not a bad thing. But when you spend more time dreaming of the life you wish you had rather than living the life you do have, something is wrong.

Having a stable income: Desiring stability in your life is normal, expected and great! However, seeking stability financially while compromising what God wants for your life is a completely different ballgame.

Desiring a wife/husband: Perfectly, 100000% an AWESOME desire for your heart to have; but when you find yourself scanning every church service to find that “perfect guy/girl” rather than being attentive to what Your first love, Jesus, has to say to you, it becomes dangerous.

Clothes: Well, they are awesome, for starters. No seriously though, I completely appreciate a love for fashion and good style. However, when you spend 99% of your free time on blogs and claim you have no time for a Bible study, you might want to re-evaluate your schedule.

I guess what I am saying is this: What you partake in now becomes what you will most likely partake in tomorrow.

What you practice today becomes what you are good at tomorrow.

What you train for determines who you become.

You can not be living one lifestyle and expect to be blessed by another.

The answers to those initial questions- they MATTER.

How you invest your money and your time, what your goals consists of, what consumes your thoughts— those questions that we often write off become the sum of our character and eventually our lives.

Y’all I say this with compassion, excitement, rawness and a hope that you will listen:

We must have a sense of urgency in the way that we live our lives NOW.

Not the kind of urgency that doesn’t allow you to be still but rather the urgency that encourages you to seize each moment you have while remaining in the Stillness of your Jesus.

An urgency that seeks to spread the Gospel to those far and wide, to our friends and to strangers,  to those we relate to and those we are very different from—may they know Our Savior is the same.

An urgency that sees more time as more opportunity to love on those around them.

An urgency that realizes how short this life is and refuses to spend their money building additions to their castle while their brother sleeps outside.

An urgency to wake up and LIVE. Live boldy and abundantly and courageously despite any and all circumstances.

An urgency to go to sleep with hope in their heart and peace in their soul, despite the battle that was faced that day.

An urgency to be with Jesus, talk to Jesus, share with Jesus, thank Jesus, love Jesus, worship Jesus….everything, Jesus.

I am not a genius but I do know that when we make decisions that please God today, they become easier to make tomorrow.

Not because they are FREE of SACRIFICE but because they are FULL of PROMISE.

When you have tasted the Living Water, your soul simply can’t be satisfied with Brita filtered water!

God wants to give you an abundant life.

It’s not a far off reality for you!!!

But it requires dying to your own definition of perfection and stepping into His perfection through you, not five or ten years from now, not after you retire or do things your way but NOW.

Now go back to those questions from the beginning: What do you think Jesus would hope that you answer those with?

Live with a sense of urgency to love Jesus with your entire life.

Your money, your time, your goals, your thoughts, your everything.

Don’t worry, there’s no lie detector test attached to this, but you be your own judge: Are your hands doing and is your heart seeking what your mouth is claiming?

Survey your life and get real with yourself.

The time is now.

“And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” -Galations 5:24

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