Life is really, really good.

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Isn’t it though?

Life, the very gift of it, is so sweet. And so good. The gift of today alone is more than we deserve and yet, He continues to open our eyes, let us see the sunshine and lavishly love on us.

Even in all the hardship, pain, uncertainty and struggle, we see it is woven with purpose, laced with grace and tightly wound by His sovereignty. All of it used for our good.

That isn’t a theory or a hopeful consideration but rather His promise. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) The challenge is not whether they will be used for the good, but rather what we define as good and our patience to see it through.

But, all of it, every bit of this life, how? Why? Jesus, why me? Why did you make me and why do you use me and why, even in my bitter and ungrateful heart, do you continue to pour Your goodness onto me?

I keep racking my brain for the answer and there is only one: Grace.

That’s Jesus. The author of giving it all so that we may live.

Will you look around? Before you start your day, take the time to SEE life- where you are, how you got here, the relationships you’ve established & the blessings He has given you- isn’t it overwhelming?

We are always on our way somewhere, trying to be something and we miss NOW. We hurry through every season just trying to get to the next, aching to be satisfied in some other way, and robbing ourselves of true contentment in this season.

But there is so much goodness all around you. Soak it in. See where you are & BE there. I don’t want us to miss this because the reality is, we can’t go back.

So I’m challenging you to see with His eyes and trust His heart, raising your hands in praise for where you are and trusting His hand with where you want to go.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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