Liftin’ Big, Sweatin’ Small.

You know what phrase I used to hate hearing?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Because people always say it to you when it’s not them directly in the situation and of course it’s easy not to sweat something when you aren’t feeling the heat of it!

But to you at that time? It’s a BIG deal!

Whether it is a relationship that failed and someone tells you, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. In a month, you will be so glad this happened.”

Or whether it is a job that didn’t work out, and someone says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff- God has something better in store for you.”

Or maybe it’s a person who was spreading untruths about you and you’re scared people will believe them, so someone reminds you, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Who cares? She is jealous!”

Whatever it is, at the time, it is NOT small.

I think it should be changed to this: “I know it is easy to sweat the “small stuff” because in your life, this seems really big right now. But just remember that this life is SO temporary and we have a God who is way bigger than anything or anyone you face. So do your best to give it to Him and trust Him enough with it to fully let it go.”

Maybe that’s a little bit longer of a response but I know I’d prefer it.

A lot of times, I think we are able to let go of situations not because they automatically fix themselves, but because we realize that compared to our God, our troubles are small.

We remember who we are dealing with and who is in control.

We change our perspective and therefore , our ability to sweat drastically reduces!

Remember this: The battle often changes when you realize who you is leading you.

Heavy liftin’ in your life today? Don’t sweat it!

You were made to lift the heavy weights my friend!

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