Love more.

Love– isn’t it hard?

You know those moments where you have unzipped your heart more than you even realized and all the sudden it occurs to you: I AM SO VULNERABLE RIGHT NOW!

I could be hurt. Crushed. Exposed. I don’t know that what I’ve just given will even be reciprocated– why did I put myself in this position?

Jesus. That’s why. Because you have felt how He loves you. It is a love without limits. It is like syrup, pouring into the nooks of your heart that you didn’t even know felt unloved and it sticks, hard.

It does not remind you of your betrayal or your mistakes, it simply nudges you back on track and says– “Hey, I still love you. Only today, it is more. I will always love you.”

Read that aloud.

Don’t you see, friends, we don’t really have another choice. At least, not to the abundant life. Sure, we can live afraid, terrified to show our authentic selves and open up completely but what kind of life is that? What kind of love are we offering another and how much would we be short-handing ourselves if so?

So when you are hesitant to serve or invest or give of yourself because you are afraid you’re the one that loves MORE, GOOD. Good. That’s like Jesus.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” -1 Peter 4:8


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