Lunchbox Truth.

Lunchbox truth.

“I love you.

But Jesus loves you SO MUCH MORE!”

I can hear it now, as I am walking out the door to go to the bus stop with my umbros on and my lunchbox in one hand and my to-go Capri Sun in the other.

That was the life, wasn’t it?

I look back on those days and realize the difference that this phrase had on my life and daily attitude, even in elementary school.

As silly as it seems, I think I enter my day forgetting this very simple truth, even though it is the very thing that makes me who I am.

I am loved.

By Jesus.

He is the King of Kings.

So I am a daughter of the King.

That completely and totally changes everything!!!!!!!

I know all of us are “grown-ups” or whatever that word means, but maybe we should retreat back to our lunchbox days.

Maybe we need to remind ourselves of who loves us today and who loved us first before we decide in whom and where we want to invest our love now!

Maybe if we were reminded of how valuable we are to the King of Kings, we wouldn’t stoop so low as to live like we do not belong.

The situation we face and the difficulties that we must go through are opportunities to bring Him glory.

And because He loves us? He will take care of us through those times!

Think back for a second for me—as a child,  do you remember having many worries as you hopped on the bus to head to school?

I sure don’t.

And yes, I certainly realize that the older we get and the more responsibilities we attain, the more stressful our lives often become.

And while I do wish that my daily attire still consisted of umbros and little league shirts, I know that is just simply not an option.

But I do know that I should probably start leaving for the bus stop the same way I did back then.

Because wherever we are off to, hearing that truth and being reminded of how loved we are is the perfect way to send us on our way.

No matter how important we may think our jobs are, the most important job we have in this world is loving Jesus and the people He has made.

And we are only able to do that because He first loved us.

More than our parents.

More than our boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.

More than our very best friends.

Or even our dog (although their love is pretty unconditional).

Jesus loves you SO, so, SO much.

My encouragement for you today: Start your day off with this truth every single morning.

Allow yourself to be lavishly loved by your Maker.

Do not get on that bus if you haven’t reminded yourself of this crazy important but elementary truth:






Now, grab your lunchbox, put on your umbros/business suit and get on your way.

p.s. Umbros will ever go out of style, right? Okay, fine.

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” -Zephaniah 3:17

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