Mental Hopscotch.

August 11, 2013

facebook hopskotch

E-cards are hilarious.

If you have a facebook, have heard of Facebook or even know how Facebook works, this is SO true.

You start on Jimmy’s facebook.

His girlfriend is Lucy.

You see Lucy’s second cousin, Emma, has red hair and so do you so you click on her profile.

Her uncle, Joe, commented on her most recent post so you click on him.

And Uncle Joe recently got his girlfriend, Wilma, hooked on this whole Facebook thing.

And suddenly you’re looking at pictures of Wilma’s cat’s 2nd birthday party.

(All of these names were randomly chosen. I apologize if you got thrown into the mix).

Isn’t that how our brains tend to work too?

We get started on one thought.

Which leads to another.

Which is linked to a possible hypothetical situation.

Which leads to a possible future worry.

And suddenly our thoughts have as much relevancy and possibility as us attending Wilma’s cat’s second birthday party.

We read all the time that our thoughts are powerful and that the battlefield occurs in the mind.

Sometimes I think we assume that it’s our perception of a current situation that needs to be changed, and often it is.

But often times the battlefield of the mind means that we must be alert and not allow our thoughts to leave their station and fight in wars that do not need our energy.

In other words, we allow our time and energy to be spent wondering why we didn’t throw our cat a second birthday party because we saw that Wilma’s did!


See how silly it sounds?!

Have you ever wondered why we were given 24 hour increments of time that we consider a full day?

Some of that time is allocated to resting and the other part is designed to do what we were supposed to do that day, with the energy we were given and the mental focus we had for that amount of time!

Why do we strive so hard to spend 99% of our mental energy and thoughts focused on the window OUTSIDE of those 24 hours?

Worries often stem from fear and fear stems from uncertainty about something you don’t even know about or fully understand yet!

We can’t allow our minds to play Facebook Hopscotch and bounce from thought to thought, triggering unnecessary worries and using energy we need for other things.

By the way, you know how on Facebook it looked like Wilma’s cat had the most bangin’ second birthday party ever?!?!?!

Turns out, he burnt half the hair on his paw off and ate half of his present.

Just like our thoughts, they seem far more intimidating than they actually are.

Leave them to their own 24 hour time slot.

God’ grace supply for you is sufficient for TODAY. That is His promise. Everyday.

His grace is sufficient today, everyday.

The  supply does not run out but you must not reach into tomorrow’s allotment.

My encouragement for you: Try not to allow your thoughts to be as relevant as Wilma’s cat’s second birthday bash.

Don’t play mental hopscotch in tomorrow’s playbox. 

Stay in today’s 24 hours and for each day holds enough worries of its’ own


“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:34

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