Misdiagnosed Hunger Pains.

Does anyone know anyone in their lives that is NOT a happy person when they are hungry and need food?

Like, I don’t just mean that they are voicing “I’m hungry” but that their mood legitimately does a 360 and your mission in life is to suddenly insert food particles in their mouth as quick as humanly possible.

I remember growing up that both my brothers were notorious for being this way.

If my mom even thought that my brothers were getting remotely hungry, it was a family operation to put whatever we were doing to a screeching halt and FEED THOSE BOYS.

(Shoutout to Forrest and Parmer to ruining Christina and I’s shopping trip due to hunger pains like 204 times!)

Anywho, as I sat down to read the Bible the other night after a difficult day, I realized I was having flashbacks.

As I filled my mind with truth and dug into the word, it started to occur to me how spiritually hungry I actually was to begin with.

I was completely unaware that I had actually kicked off my day being spiritually hungry.

I entered my work atmosphere with an appetite that was deprived due to my inability to identity what I was truly hungry for.

Because I was so consumed in my desire to “get stuff done”, I attempted to grind through the work day (including my lunch break which I managed to run errands to cross other things off my list), without sitting still long enough to do the one thing I desperately needed to: Stop.

And feed myself with His word.

What I THOUGHT was actually helping me, by kicking it into higher gear, was simply exhausting my engine and actually doing more harm than good since I started with no fuel in my tank to begin with.

It was not MORE time I was lacking during my day, it was the MAKER of time that I was missing.

Are you seeing where I am coming from with this?

Then it hit me: this was a major flashback to my previous mall experience with my brothers.

Their ability to tackle any new obstacle (and mind you, shopping at their age at this time in their lives was a definite obstacle), was completely inhibited by their deprivation of another area.

Until they were physically fed completely, they could not shop proactively.

Until I was fed spiritually, I could not work whole-heartedly.

A car with new tires is of no use until it is filled with gasoline and ready to hit the road.

Same goes with us.

We can try, and do a seemingly decent attempt, to go throughout our days without communication with Jesus, the maker of our days.

But we will find that, even if we do not show it on our faces at work, that we are like those little boys in the ONLY soft, cushion seat at Banana Republic (they need more of those BTW), who is having a total MELTDOWN.

I mean, shoes off, hair gone astray, jacket off, shoes thrown across the dressing room, “I hope I look like someone needs to call the Child Abuse hotline so then someone will feed me” look on his face kinda M-E-L-T-D-O-W-N.

Because guess what?

We are hungry.

For Jesus.

And while other things in life would be fun and awesome to experience right now, they just are not as appealing as they should be because we are worn out, stressed out, too busy, and often unaware, that we are in need of a meal.

Of His word.

Hanging out with Him.

Re-fueling ourselves.

So that we can actually walk throughout the mall AKA life and be of some use around here.

If you want to be a good shopper, you gotta get a good meal in you first.

If you want to be a good disciple, you better feast on His word and drink of the living water before you hit the streets.

Meltdowns are going to happen.

They just will.

But it’s totally fine, you’re not alone.

Let me help a brotha/sista out, and take a lesson from me: Don’t misdiagnose your hunger pains: You don’t need more time, You need the Maker of time.

You don’t need this or that, you need the creator of this and that.

Trust me, He satisfies.

Feed yourself before you start your day, enter your workplace, face your friend, enter a situation, begin a conversation- WHATEVER you do.

And if you are that kid in the comfy chair at Banana Republic, just know I’ve warmed your seat before and it’s cool- we’ve all been there.

Now get up and go eat some manna

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” -John 6:35

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