Move & trust.

Cleerely Stated IG #60-01
What we do not know, we do not trust- right?

We look beyond and the uncertainty is too much. The waves of doubt are crashing around us, causing us to lose sight of the promise we know we were given.

And so, we stay. We sit on this ladder, this same step of life and feel as though we will never get out of this rut. We are scared. The possibility of failure whispers in our ear every time we consider moving forward and so, we remain stagnant.

But then we look out and look up and we realize, we are craving a different viewpoint. We want something different for ourselves. We desperately believe in the promise He has spoken over us and the plan He has laid out for our lives.

We see the waves and we are aware of the deep waters but we press forward.

We take a step and we realize we are okay.

Then, we take another step and we are reminded that once again, He is WORTHY of our TRUST. The author of the unknown, the maker of the seas, the writer of our story– He says “move”.

Our feet still trembling as we take another step, we realize braving the waters and jumping into the unknown has always been our call.

You, wherever you are, in whatever way you know you must, I pray you move and trust. You will and you can brave your unknown.

“Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.” Joshua 3:4


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