“No” means “Yes”.

Closed doors. Rejected applications. Unavailable opportunities. Termination of a relationship. What do all of these things have in common? Besides the thought of a consumption of an unhealthy tub of ice cream, they all revert to the answer “no.” When thinking about these things, I realized something: If you were to talk to another person and say one of these things had happened to you, the person would reply with, “Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that!” (typical, right?)  Wait, why is this person consoling you? OH YEAH, cause society has labeled anything we are denied like a job promotion as failure.  And your boyfriend dumped you? Good luck with that one, honey!

Society has permanently damaged our view here.

You see, we are trained to think that “no” is a bad answer. “No” is a negative word.  But why? Thinking back to so many times when I didn’t make the cut for a particular job or task or when I was dumped feeling like my heart was in a million small pieces, I realize those times were essential.  I realize that while I felt like someone was telling me, “no, you’re not good enough” or “no, this will not work out” while I was I was IN the situation, God was really telling me “YES!” to something or someone else. 

Seriously, think about it.  Even get a piece of paper and write down the times that you “felt” rejected (this is an interactive process, work with me here).  Look back over them.  Was there a reason why that door was closed in your life?  Was there another job that needed you to be complete?  Was there another person more capable of taking care of your heart?  Was that “no” really actually a “yes”?

I’m not saying that every situation’s “no” will feel good.  And if you think I’m saying rejection feels good, you are CRAZY! Closed doors are tough on the heart. Period.  But I think we shouldn’t be so quick to label the answer “no” as failing.  Chances are, God is telling you no because a.) The time is not for “right now.” 2.) He has something better in store! 3.) He means NO! God knows your heart and He knows it’s perfect fit regarding every aspect of your life.  Do not let the world define rejection for you, redefine it for yourself.  Instead of “I guess I just wasn’t good enough for this job”, train your mind to say “This job obviously was not where I am supposed to be right now! God has something better for me in store.”

God’s job is to guide us, right? Well isn’t guiding just as much about telling us where NOT to go as it is about telling us where to go? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I definitely appreciate the signs telling me “Wrong Way” and “Detour.” So, don’t get discouraged! Confuse the heck out of your friends by thanking the Lord for the “no” answers just as much as the “yes” ones! They will be concerned. It’s gonna be great.

And don’t worry, God is a “YES”, doors flung wide open kind of God. But only when it’s good for you. Lift up your hands and praise Him for the stop signs because rejection is protection, not defeat!

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