No Mistakes, Only Masterpieces.

So, I wanted to share something that someone shared with me and I feel like everyone needs to hear it.

Like a good song, you just HAVE to share it and pass it along, right?

So I had just had a hard week where nothing goes as planned and I wasn’t feeling confident in who I was or what I brought to the table.

 And someone said this to me:

“Cleere, you know how you love sunsets? You know how you always talk about how beautiful of an artist God is, right?

Well, think about this. Those are all just glimpses of His talent. He calls YOU His masterpiece! A masterpiece is an artist’s BEST work!

 So, when you’re looking at those sunsets, your maker is looking back at you and saying, ‘LOOK IN THE MIRROR!’

You are His most prized treasure.”

The person said it SO much better than this but I unfortunately didn’t write it down, so that’s a close rendition of it. Forget those quotation marks, I guess.

Anyway, I twirled that example around in my head all night.  I’m sure they had no idea how much that comment affected my day. 


Driving today, I looked up and thought how incredible the sky looked! Clouds perfectly formed, the sun peeked just behind a fluffy, snow white one to provide us with a little bit of shade. And was reminded…

That same artist made me.

And guess what?

That same artist made you.

You are significant.

You are beautiful.

You are valuable.

You are sacred.

You are important.

You are hand-crafted.

You are perfectly made in His image.

You are a treasure that is meant to be treasured, by your own heart and those around you.

That’s who you are. You must know that!

And believe it.

And walk in it.

When we realize the true worth of the reflection in the mirror, we stop questioning our abilities and begin pursuing our dreams because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we ARE worthy.

You, my friend, are all of those things and more.

Smile, you beautiful/handsome thing, you!!! Your maker makes no mistakes, only masterpieces.

So, write it on a notecard. On your hand. Or your bathroom mirror. On your forehead if need be! – “Thank you Jesus for I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!”

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