Not “feelin'” it? Seek His truth.



Woah, it’s been a while!

Sorry I was out of the loop for a bit; wedding season has me traveling more than Dora the Explorer.

In this time of traveling and reflecting, God has really been working in my heart about a number of things.

One in particular has been the importance of “feelings” versus “truth”. 

In our society, I think we are taught that they are one in the same.

If we feel rejected, then we were definitely rejected in a situation or by someone.

If we feel unloved, then someone has made us feel that way.

If we feel as though our lives and our days are without purpose, then we must exist for no reason and no one would notice our disappearance.


We are taught to be led by our emotion.

Guided by our strong, independent spirits.

But I am being reminded more and more that while our feelings are legitimate and they are real to us, they are often times not rooted in His truth.

I want to make a very clear distinction: Feelings are real to our hearts but they are not always true of our spirits.

In other words, you can FEEL as though you are unloved because a circumstance has made you feel that way, but that is not the TRUTH.

Because we are taught that they are one in the same, we accept our own feelings and others’ feelings as truth.

We give them value in our heads, therefore allowing them to determine our heart’s direction.

Now I am not saying that the feelings we feel are not real.

Nor am I saying that people do not make mistakes that put them in situations to cause feelings of rejection, insecurity, lonliness, etc. or that they are not put in situations beyond their control that lead them to have such feelings.

We are human.

We are weak.

We are flimsy.

We are unreliable.

We are fragile.

We are unstable.

We are FULL of emotions.

And that is okay!!!!!!

Wanna know why?

Because it always reminds of who determines our truth, who gives us our purpose and whose thoughts of us should be the only one that holds value in our lives: Jesus.

Think about a time when you felt pain; a time when you felt rejected or sad; maybe disappointed or lonely or just all together without purpose.

Were those feelings true?


You are never alone.  You are highly favored and deeply loved. Your purpose is to glorify Your maker. He will never reject you.

However, those feelings were real.

They hurt.

They kept you up at night.

They stung.

But what gave you renewed joy?

What reminded you that you should be full of gratitude every morning?

What filled your heart?


His truth pierces through our feelings and reminds us of our significance.

I am not sure what you might be going through or what you might be “feeling” tonight, but no matter what it is, I encourage you to seek His truth.

Remind yourself of the Maker’s plans for your life.

Make Him your focus and allow thankfulness to flow from your mouth.

You will be surprised how much better you sleep

So when you’re not “feelin” it, just remember that His truth determines your day.

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