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Had to share this with you guys.

Have you seen the movie, “Moneyball”? Brad Pitt. Jonah Hill (hilarious, even in this movie). It tells the story about how Pitt and Hill use an unconventional strategy to remake their team. Throughout the entire movie, people doubt the baseball team and their ability to win any games because of what scouts have said about the players. Other teams are laughing at Pitt’s recruiting methods and waiting for the Oakland A’s to completely bite the bullet and fall off the map.

The crazy thing is, they do the complete opposite. I guess not that crazy because it is the movies, but the coolest part is that this movie is based off of a true story! I just love movies like that. Those movies that everyone says, “That would never happen in real life”, yet in these, it was the exact inspiration for the movie! Anyway, the Oakland A’s make it all the way to the National Championship and are so incredibly close to winning. Although they don’t take home the first place trophy, Pitt’s character still receives the offer for the highest paid manager in the history of Professional baseball. Why do all these things matter? The first time I saw the movie, I felt moved. Touched. Encouraged that this team could make it this far. But I had missed so much beauty of what the story is really saying. The difference between Pitt and other baseball managers was that he knew deep within him that these guys had the potential to help him achieve his goal. No matter what anyone told him, he found them able. It took one man to change the lives of over twenty guys and the game of baseball in general. THAT is a sweet story.

As I was watching, I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking, “so this is how God views me?” While Pitt may have not seen his players in the exact same ways as God see us, flawless and beautiful, he did have a sparkle of hope in his eye. He had belief that went past common sense. He had confidence that surpassed public opinion or standards. He didn’t care what was considered “normal” or that all those around him thought he was crazy. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was going to change the game of baseball. Do you know how many people have told you that you are not capable? Those that long for you to trip and fall? God is completely aware that you may only run half as fast as some others or that your pitching form is completely abnormal. That is WHY he loves you!!! Your imperfections allow Him to intervene and make them strengths. Your shortcomings invite Him to act on your behalf. God doesn’t care what anyone else says, what is considered “normal” for how to run His kingdom, or what a spreadsheet says about you. Grace creates your resume and it doesn’t take long to see that He finds you a PERFECT fit for His team.

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