Peace & Blessin’s.

Seek Peace & Pursue it.

If someone asked you this question- What do you think is one thing that every person in this world is striving for- what would you say?




A sense of belonging?

While all of those things are important and love, especially, essential to our lives, I feel as though God has been reminding me of something a little different.


Like real peace.

Real, lasting, unwavering peace.

I truly think everyone’s searching for that.

The kind of peace, that once you find, sucks you in with the most enveloping, reassuring presence, that you aren’t sure how you got by without it before.

I think that everyone is after peace because the thing about life is this: There will always be a reason why you could choose to worry, always a relationship you could second-guess or doubt and always a circumstance that could hypothetically occur and cause stress in your life.

What-if’s are those summertime mosquitoes- you know what I am talking about. The kind that somehow attack you invisibly in one night and make you a hot mess in the morning.

On top of the what-if’s, often times, it is our actual realities and current life situations that bring us to our knees.



Yeah, right.

Maybe when I am 80 and all I have to do is bake sweet potatoes and sit in a rocking chair on the porch, THAT is when I will experience peace.

But this is the thing: We all have access to that peace right now.

I know that sounds so cheesy and typical and frankly annoying but I have realized this weird theme in my life: I am often quick to reject anything that is  “obvious” or “easily available” because it just sounds too good to be true!

At my fingertips? RIGHTTTT! Yeah, okay!

But this is the thing,- our Jesus is the author of Peace.

He, in His own doing and by His own choosing, formed you, spoke life into you and wants to give you an abundant life.

Do you know what an abundant life means?

It doesn’t mean a lot of STUFF.

It doesn’t mean crazy, cool, unique experiences.

It doesn’t mean all the things you can fill a life with.

It means the essence of life: Peace.

(Disclaimer: Jesus is full of crazy, cool, unique and adventurous experiences and opportunities so just, if you were wondering).

Have you noticed that “peaceful” people are so REFRESHING?

Especially since we are all a bunch of crazies, it is such a fresh breath of air. It’s calming…almost supernatural.

Wait…it is supernatural! Its from Jesus

People who abide in peace have a tendency to have something in common: When a tough situation enters their life, they do not focus on the problem itself but rather the perfector of their faith.

It is all about their perspective.

When they strengthen their faith and remain in His peace, the storm no longer has the final say in their life!

No matter what, they are okay.

No matter what, it is well with their soul.

Maintaining an eternal perspective allows you to live in eternal peace.

Peace is a river and it can’t help but leak into and eventually take-over every area of your life.

Work no longer consumes your day with stress and worry.

Relationships no longer take your emotions on daily rollercoasters.

People disappoint you but it’s okay- it’s not life or death.

And you just have this blind trust– this completely crazy, radical, surrendered, awesome, comforting confidence that God’s got your back….because He does.

Peace is a gift.

And it is a blessing.

And it is a vehicle of change and of steadiness and reliability.

And honestly, it’s how you become who God wants you to be.

He created us to be a peaceful people!

He says, “Hey, LOOK AT ME!!! If you stay looking at me- right there- you will always experience peace.”

Peaceful people change the world.

You know why? Because there is lots of crazies and lots of crazy things and lots of crazy events and crazy opportunities and just basically- craziness.

Be different.

It is well with your soul because He made your soul.

Be at PEACE.

Forget all the restless, “I-can’t-sleep-I-am-so-worried” stuff and let it go- whatever it is for you. Trust Jesus, LOOK to His face.


It’s an action, a state of pursuit, a conscious choice on your part to look to Jesus and to pursue Him because when you find Him, when you abide in Him, when you obey Him, you attain that overwhelming peace you have been longing for.

I promise.

To end on a punny note, peace out

Sorry, that was totally necessary.

Peace & blessin’s!

“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.”  Colossians 3:15

“The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’  Numbers 6:26

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