Pressure makes Pearls.

Doesn’t life seem stressful sometimes?

Rhetorical question I am guessing. For everyone, really.

Life can be SO stressful.

See, I was going to try and write a blog post about something positive but let’s be real, not everyday presents you with circumstances that are easy to be positive in. It’s just the reality of life.

It can be…








Draining, that’s what my day was yesterday. And the day before.

I mean, one thing after the fricken other! Every piece of technology I needed was messing up. My mom and I were clashing in every which way. I missed my friends. I was still trying to get used to where I was, who I was around and what I was doing.

But I was absolutely on the verge of a breakdown all day. And then it happened…my car got hit. Again. By a freaking grandma. With a flower sweater on. How do I get mad at her???

Well, I didn’t, but I just started bawling crying.

SERIOUSLY, GOD?!? I mean, COME ON! What’s next????

I was just waiting for the dominos to all come crashing down. At this point, what would it matter? Everything else had been going wrong already.

So, last night, I just cried. For a while. And then a little longer. And got it all out. And then decided to stop trying to figure it out myself and consult the man upstairs on what He might be trying to show me in the moment in my life.

Opened my Bible to a random page and guess what?

Song of Soloman. His love letter to me. That’s what He wanted me to read. So, I did.

I read and I read and I read. And something came over me- peace. The one He offers when you cradle yourself in His arms and relinquish control of what you thought you could handle alone.

And I realized, plain and simple, life isn’t easy. If it was fair, none of us would be alive! The very foundation of our lives is centered around the principle of unmerited favor when Jesus died on the cross for us. That certainly wasn’t fair, but thank goodness He did!

Some days just suck! That’s reality. But it’s what we take from those days, the lessons we learn, the perspective we decide to view it from that eventually shapes who we are.

Rick Warren says:
“God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds, using time and pressure. He’s working on you too.”

If we never had the tough days, we wouldn’t know what the good ones feel like.




Embrace them.

And if today is one of those “breakdown at any second” days for you? Maybe Jesus is reeling you in & wants your attention. Go remind yourself how great your God is ☺

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