Prince of Peace.

Prince of Peace.

Life is complicated.

Most obvious statement of the year, right?

It’s filled with uncertainties, new seasons, broken and successful relationships, having babies, promotions and demotions, etc. etc.—you get my point.

But as humans, we were created to have consistency.

Did you know that?!?

I know, I know. You took a personality test that stated that you are “adventurous and a free-spirit”, therefore consistency isn’t really in your wheelhouse.

However, let me ask you this:

Do you have a person you call during the tough times whom you rely on for encouragement and strength?

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you tend to go to whenever you step foot back in your hometown

Do you have a nightly routine before you hop into bed?

Do you have a certain way that you deal with the stresses of life?

I ask all these to say, whether in the large or small things, humans have an innate desire to have CONSISTENCY in their lives.

Adrenaline is stimulated with adventure and newness but peace is stimulated and maintained with consistency.

I think this is where we mess up though—what must remain consistent in order to have peace?

It’s not your job, your salary, your daily routine, your relationship, your weight, your popularity; it’s none of that.

Peace is a person.

So what must remain consistent in order to have it? Your relationship with that Person.

Yes, it is found within situations but it is not the actual situation itself that offers the peace; it is seeking that Person within that particular situation that gives you peace.

You see, Peace is Jesus.

It always has been, always will be.

He is the consistent hand reaching for yours during every broken or scary time in your life.

He is the voice who is always speaking life into every situation you encounter, because He knows the ultimate way things end up- life is but a dust.

He is the calmer of your spirit when life seems to overwhelm you and the waves seem too high to carry on.

He is the constant and the “always” when life presents you with a series of unfortunate events, leading you to say, “How did I get here?”.

He is it. The author, the perfector, the very definition of peace.

 I think sometimes we could really do ourselves a favor and stop complicating life by seeking this “feeling” within a situation; rather, just seek Him. Since He is the giver of peace and the Ultimate Planner of your life, He will give you clarity and peace in a situation.

I have heard some say that peace seems like an “elusive” feeling; like a bubble that you know others might catch but it is just out of your reach.

But that’s because you are treating peace as a “feeling”.

It’s not.

It’s a person. It’s always been Jesus. He is the consistency you have been craving in your life.

He is the voice of reason and the reminder of your identity when the waves come crashing in and within His grasp, You find rest for your soul.

Life is complicated—yes, I whole-heartedly, 1000000% agree.

But when you hide in the shadow of the Author’s wings, seeking His peace and choosing to remain there despite the distractions, the “complicated” things in your life tend to take care of themselves.

My challenge for you is this: Stop searching for a solution to your problem or the uncertainty in your life and start seeking the Author of Peace.

Your answer right now may not be “yes” or “no”, but rather, “Jesus”.

Praying for you, friends! His peace is a river that makes the rhythm of life a lot less overwhelming. Depend on Him

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  -John 16.33

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