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Everyone has seen “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, right?

If you haven’t, become a normal person who loves Christmas and do yourself a favor –watch it.

Anywho, you know that scene in the movie where Betty Lou Who is hanging her Christmas lights and feeling really excited about the way things are looking?

Until homegirl Martha May Whovier comes out with her Christmas tree light-gun (I have had dreams about owning one of these) and completely destroys Martha’s confidence in how hers looks!

It sounds silly, but how often do we do this?

We start a hobby that we’ve always wanted to, we actually begin exercising on a daily basis, or we finally decide to redue our house that we’ve been procrastinating on, or whatever it is for each of us.

We are PUMPED!

And then, we see someone who has mastered the guitar or become a pro photographer, someone who has lost six dress sizes and prepping for a marathon or someone who has already re-done their entire house and we get totally, absolutely, completely discouraged.


Because we compare our journey to theirs, completely unaware of when they started or what their story looks like.

But the thing is, all of that doesn’t matter anyway.

The reality is, we will be good at some things.

We will be GREAT at other things.

And we will be God awful at a few things too.

We weren’t created to be the Master Olympian who is smart enough to cure cancer, savvy enough to lead the fashion world and creative enough to write a book.

So don’t expect yourself to be all those things!!! (also called “perfect” aka “impossible”)

We were created with specific abilities and talents, unique personalities that help us facilitate those gifts and an INCREDIBLE future that brings those all together.

But I can tell you one thing- If you do not realize  how far you have come, you will often get discouraged by how far you have left to go.

It is not how far you have come compared to how far someone else has already traveled down that road.

It is your journey and therefore your PROGRESS that matters!

Recognize it.

Speak life over it.

Be encouraged by it.

If we only focused on how long something might take or how difficult the journey might be, our adventures would be few and far between.

It’s like Betty Lou Who—Once she realized that her Christmas lights were PERFECT for HER house compared to what she had done the year before, she could be satisfied with the result and rejoice in the PROGRESS!

That’s such a small example but truly, if we would allow our hearts to be encouraged by our progress rather than fixated on the statistics compared to those around us, we might actually get somewhere!

Your beginning can’t be compared to someone else’ s middle.

Because it’s your beginning.

And their middle.

Let me ask you this: Would you compare a new boxer to Mohammad Ali?

Or a young, new singer to Adele?

Or a new guitarist to John Mayer?

Well, no.

Because that would be RIDICULOUS!

So don’t do it to yourself

New habits and worthwhile hobbies are formed from consistency and determination which is rooted by a deep belief in oneself and a daily dose  of recognizing one’s PROGRESS.

The results you desire will come my friend but they take TIME and patience with yourself.

Celebrate the small victories.

Recognize your progress and you can’t be stopped!

I am cheering you on & am fully confident in your abilities in whichever endeavor your heart is set on!

Praying we all give ourselves a little grace and stop comparing our outtakes to others’ highlight reels.

So instead of beating myself up for not remaining completely consistent and writing daily, I am having myself a “Progress Party” and celebrating the fact that I have written today!

Love y’all!

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” -Psalm 98:4

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