Proudly an American, Jesus-follower.

The election, I’m just not sure how to avoid that topic at this point in time tonight.

It’s the topic of every news station. 

Every facebook post, tweet and instagram.

And my most recent text conversation with my mother:

Me: How are you feeling about the election?

Her response: “I know the plans I have for you….to give you a hope and a future.”

You see, no matter how I am “feeling” about politics, there is a fact that will always reign true no matter whether I bleed red or blue- Jesus is our hope.

It is so easy to get so immersed in the election, to get consumed with which political party is taking the lead and to spend your time wondering about your future.

 It is filled with uncertainty. Changes. Opposition. 

And humans. 

Simple as that. Flawed people that are trying to just figure it all out.

But Jesus?

He wins all the electoral votes.

He wins all the popular vote. Why? Because he literally created every heart that beats. 

His promises form a foundation so strong that nothing on this earth can even touch. 

His loving arms are not based upon our response to Him but rather His response to us: eternal love.

Our plans are good and hopeful because of who He is, not because of who we are.

These things- these are things we KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that reign true in our lives.

As I sit here watching the election results, I can not help but realize how divided we are as a nation.  It is scary to think that people spend more time arguing their point  and demonstrating their power rather than using their position to make positive, effective changes for our country.

I pray that America focuses on the ideals that this country was founded upon.

I pray that we do not become a nation who seeks to be served rather than to serve.

I pray that we do not lose our work ethic, that we appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into any job and that we expect it from everyone equally.

I pray for exposure, so that the negative and deceitful acts going on in our country will be brought to light.

I pray for discernment for our political leaders, that they may see what America needs and that they may go after it.

I pray for open ears for every individual, that we may listen more than we speak, so that we may truly understand the needs of others and our country.

I pray that our soldiers efforts are not put in vain and that the freedom they fight to protect is considered an absolutely priority in our nation, always.

I pray that fear does not consume any spirit nor worry does not consume any mind moving forward.

I hope and pray for so many things for our country.

But WHO do I hope in? 

Well, that all boils down to one word: Jesus.

I am an American, Jesus-follower. No matter how the election turns out, that is something I will always proudly stand by.  

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