Pullin’ Those Weeds.

What is the least exciting job when tending to a garden?

Yep. Pulling those weeds out.

It seriously is quite terrible. It’s a nitty-gritty job that involves getting all up in that dirt and using some elbow grease.

Also, they are EVERYWHERE. And come out of NO WHERE!  My punishment when I was a child:

My mother: “Wanna talk back to your mama? Go pull weeds.”

My response: “You’re kidding me, right? I’d rather cut the grass with scissors.”

My mother: “Yay! Now two hours of pulling weeds rather than one.”

My response: Absolutely nothing. Three hours of pulling weeds = death penalty.

Seriously, though.

It sounds pretty routine but what would happen if you didn’t?

Your garden would be overtaken with long, ugly, good-for nothing weeds. No one could even see your pretty, pink flowers!!!

Same goes for your mind!

 If you constantly have negative thoughts (WEED), gossip (WEED),  Satan’s lies (WEED),worries about the future (WEED)  and what other have said about you (WEED) cloud your mind, you will no room for positive thoughts that please the Lord (BIG BEAUTIFUL HYDRANGEAS!)

“Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.” –Proverbs 4:23 (NCV)

Your thoughts can either be toxic to your spring of life or they can purify it with truth!

If you willingly let people plant weeds in your yard/mind, that’s your own fault!

Think about it: What have others said about you that you have let toil over and over in your mind and become a root of bitterness?

What lies of Satan’s have you taken for truth that have consumed your thought process and instilled fear or insecurity within you or your abilities? 

What gossip train have you recently jumped on that you thought would lead you to a place of feeling better about yourself but instead, you are questioning your own character rather than those you talk about?

Your thoughts run your life.

Negative or positive. Productive or unproductive. Seeded in truth or grounded in lies. They affect your daily words and actions.

Now, remember, if you take out the  “weeds” in your life, you can’t leave just an empty spot and not expect something to take root. 

You must replace the negative with the positive.

What used to be a weed, decide to plant a flower.

Fertilize your thoughts with water from the living well Himself, Jesus!

Let Him reassure you of His truth. Let the garden of your life be so deeply rooted in Him, that it rejects the weeds that try to implement themselves where they do not belong.

Let’s start a new gardening strategy here:

  • Reject thoughts that do not please the Lord.
  • Replace those harsh, negative thoughts with positive and truthful thoughts that nourish your soul and heart.
  • WATER 
  • Water these precious seeds that fill your mind. Hydrate your life! Do not settle for wilted, “used to be pretty” flowers when you can have a fresh bouquet everyday! Jesus wants to fill your cup EVERYDAY! 

I don’t know about y’all but I am a huge fan of hydrangeas, not weeds. It’s time to get to wackin’ those suckers down!

What’s growin’ in your garden? Praying for you

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