Redefining Good.

Have you ever seen one of those shirts or hats that say, “Life is good”?

They’re everywhere. With all sorts of symbols and representations of what one might consider the “good” life on them.

I ALWAYS wanted one of those pink hats that said it growing up. Ask me why exactly? I have no idea. Just like I have no idea why my mother ever dropped me off at a pokemon card competition at Toys R Us, but that is a whole other story.

Anyway, the phrase “life is good” has never meant so much to me as it has this year. I think for many reasons but the main one being that I have truly redefined the definition of “good” in my life.

We always say the phrase, “God is good”. But what does the adjective, “good” even mean?

Food is good.

We have good friends.

Money is good to have. Sometimes.

I have come to redefine good as this: Good means anything that keeps me on the right track that God has for my life.

That does not always mean that good is fun. Or preferable. Or immediate. Or exciting. Or easy. Or entertaining. Or interesting. Or desirable in the worldly standards. In fact, sometimes things that are Godly “good” for our lives put us in a situation where we have to die to the world and often our human desires.

You see, this isn’t God failing to fulfill the promise is Proverbs 37:4 that God will give us the desires of our hearts but rather this is God revealing to us the TRUE desires of our heart. News flash: When we let our flesh make decisions for us, our hearts can be deceived!!!! Therefore, we must be wise and realize that we do not always know what is best for our lives.

God is a good God. He is also all-knowing. Therefore, we might not view a current circumstance as “good” because we can only see from our perspective, which is a very small, teeny, tiny glimpse of the whole picture. That is when we must realize the very base of our faith is knowing who our God is: An all-knowing, loving, gracious and GOOD father.

Sometimes, the “good” life means a temporarily terrifying storm. But the key is not being afraid of the storm but rather afraid of what would happen if you didn’t go through the things God places in your life to grow you, improve you and help you become who He knows you long to be!

When people say, “I didn’t realize what I actually wanted for my life” or “I thought I was going to be happy doing that job”, the change they are experiencing is God slowly molding their desires. Learning more about your maker also means learning more about his creation: YOU!

He is always:

Taking the old and making it new.

Transforming the dust and making a masterpiece.

Removing the unnecessary and providing the essential.

Something I think people truly need to know: God WANTS, LONGS, DESIRES AND YEARNS for you to have the “good” life. Hello, that is WHY He died for you! The difference: He knows ahead of time what is good. And us? we have to hit a wall before we know it’s a dead end.

So my friends, do not be discouraged by what the world labels as “good” and “bad”. Take heart for our Jesus has overcome the world! If you are listening to God and obeying Him, stepping in the way that He has led you and your heart wants to follow your maker, He will redefine good in your life.

A little rain won’t scare you because you know God has something good in store.

Be ready to slowly remove the shades from your eyes and see through a whole other pair of glasses. His clarity is like no other!

So now, my pink hat takes on a whole new meaning. And my symbol? The cross. And it is on a whole other level!

Life is good. Period.

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