Rose Colored Glasses.


Have you heard the phrase “someone was obviously looking through rose colored glasses when they made that decision”? 

Maybe the president of a company decides to implement a new business strategy that has failed in the past with other businesses. 
Or a mother puts her child in rehab for a third time in hopes that maybe this time will be different. 
Or my math professor agreed to play country music before class started in hopes that my statistics grade would improve. 
Whatever the case, you get my point. Wearing “rose colored glasses” insinuates that someone is not seeing a situation clearly or dreaming a little too far-fetched. Maybe because past situations have shown otherwise or maybe it’s just that the situation seems risky, that failure is possible and the odds are not in your favor.
While I certainly agree that making wise decisions requires that we do look at the outcomes of those who have been in our same situation, I do not think we should assume that will be our result. And while I do think it is necessary to be realistic in order to be effective, I do not think reality knows everything. 
Yes, failure is possible, but isn’t it always? Yes, putting trust in someone or something is risky, but what is your alternative? Never making the “scary” decisions and always playing it safe?  That seems like it is failure in its own way, failure to give an opportunity, a person, a choice or whatever it may be the chance to prove others wrong.
Maybe that new business strategy does work and saves the company from bankruptcy. 
Maybe that child finally gets it and receives deliverance from a stronghold that has claimed his life for so long. 
Maybe I do get an A in statistics. 
Rose colored glasses do not always signify ignorance or inexperience. Maybe they mean having a greater belief in life in general. 
So, all I’m saying is don’t throw them away. Be wise but at the same time, don’t be scared to throw on your rose colored glasses and live a little.
Oh and I got an A in statistics! Better believe my professor and I heavily recommend rose colored frames. We got proof! 

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