Security found in the surrender.

Cleerely Stated IG #73-01
“I surrender.”

“Wait, I think I need that.”

“Okay, I surrender again.”

“Are you sure you’re seeing all this God?”

“Oh. You see it. I surrender, for real.”

(All one person, mind you.)

Anyone recognize this thought pattern? The constant battle between trying to control your circumstances and surrendering them at His feet?

When life seems to be going peachy, we often begin to place our security in our circumstances.

Okay, Job? Friends? Finances? Relationship status? Appearance? Whatever it is, you name it.

And then when life throws a curveball or things get a little rocky or we become a full-on hot mess express, we FREAK. OUT! Because we’ve consciously & unconsciously started to define ourselves & our sustainability by the temporary. Clawing at any and every chance to boost our value, we lose sight of ourselves and the one in control.

And then He reminds us, “Dear one, you never were in control. I have seen you. I have watched you toil back and forth. I feel your frustration and know your fear. But don’t you know, your security has never been plausible through your own grasp, it has always been MY hand on you.”

And so we leave them. We finally give up the fight, tired from the game of tug-of-war we’ve played and we surrender.

And it is THEN that we are reminded of true security, lasting peace & real rest.

Happy Friday, friends! Praying you surrender whatever it is that is weighing you down and are reminded that your God is always, always, always faithful.


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