Seeking only His best.

No matter how comfortable, cozy, and homey I’ve made it, can You help me get rid of whatever it is that’s holding me back?

I know that You call me to do hard things and to be courageous. I know You ask me to live boldly and love wildly. I know that You offer me freedom, not comfort— can You help me distinguish between the two?

Lord, I want to go new places and share of who You are. Show me what I am allowing in my life that is preventing me from fully stepping into the abundant life you’ve provided for me. And I know that might mean releasing some things that are “good”, some people that aren’t “bad”, and some dreams that aren’t “unGodly”- but they aren’t Your best.
Give me discernment, Father, to know the difference.

Give me patience with myself as I make transitions and learn to let go.
Give me the self-discipline and fortitude to stay the course when I am discouraged or weary.
Give me the passion inside my bones to spread Your word and to love those that are very different from me.
Give me eyes to see, and really see, life here with an eternal perspective in mind.
Give me courage to be who you’ve called me to be without feeling the need to justify that to others.
Give me opportunities to learn to trust You, and remind me that I asked for those when they arise.

And anything, small or big, intricate or simple, old or new, that keeps me from running HARD after You, take it from my hands.

Because I know, despite what I may want in a moment, my greatest desire is to live the life you’ve called me to— my best life.

Thank You, Jesus. I’m in, I’m following, I’m struggling and I’m slightly unsure but I know You’ll meet me there.

In Jesus Name, Amen

This is my prayer for us today– that we would be a people who yearn to rid ourselves of anything that keeps us from experiencing God’s best for our lives. Sometimes, that will mean a really hard answer to a prayer, but you know what? God knows that. We can trust that whatever He asks us to hold and whatever He asks us to let go of, it is always for our best.

Hope you have a happy Monday, my friend!


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