Selective Memory.

June 26, 2014

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You know what amazes me?

Our ability to have such “selective memory” in our daily lives.

It pretty much goes like this.

We get in trouble.

We struggle.

We are facing a hardship, whatever that specific hardship is.

We cry out to Jesus, desperate, broken, fearful, anxious- asking Him to hear us, to help us, to come for us.

And He does.

He doesn’t just “reach out”, He bends down,  wipes our tears, reminds our hearts of our identity in Him, provides us grace and forgiveness in the areas and moments we forgot that identity and acted on it, lets us rest in His lap and prepares us for the next step on our journey.

And in the gathering of ourselves and in the process of putting ourselves back together, we promise Him we will always remember this.

We will be eternally grateful.


But then, we get on our way.

We become completely consumed in our destination, allowing ourselves to forget how we have lasted throughout our journey.

And then when we fall, as we always do, we choose to focus on our fears.

“Help!”, we cry.

“I have so much further to go! I can’t stay here! HELPPPP!”

And then our minds start running, thinking of every hypothetical situation known to man, every worst-case scenario, every draining fear that we possibly can fathom and we suck the life out of ourselves.

Our selective memory takes over.

Instead of remembering every time He has helped us over a hurdle and through a storm, we fixate on our current disappointment and the uncertainty we feel in our circumstances.

Do you ever think Jesus thinks to Himself, “Seriously? I have only been there for you 9,792,456,902 times. But you’re right, this time, I’m going to be unavailable.”

I know I would think that after like the 11th go-around.

But Jesus?


He experiences the heartbreak of your current situation.

You know why?


And despite your doubts and your lack of trust in Him, He comforts your soul, places courage in your heart and says, “WE got this.”

Every single time.

That’s not just being “kind”.

That’s not just “coming through in  tough time.”


Absolute faithfulness.

Steadfast support.

Constant, unwavering, our-minds-can’t-comprehend kinda love.

Y’all, we can’t AFFORD to keep forgetting that kind of love and grace that He has continually displayed in our lives.

We can’t!

I am not suggesting that we rehearse or re-live our pasts and remind ourselves of the shame and the guilt and the pain and the hurt we experienced.

I am completely suggesting that we reflect on our pasts and remember the grace and the love and the strength and the joy our Savior extended.


Because when you remember how far you have come, you have faith in how far you can go.

You remember the faithfulness of Jesus.

And there is nothing sweeter or more obvious than that in our lives.

Focusing on the character of your Savior rather than the fear of your circumstances sets you up for success every time!

Do I think it is easy to focus on His strength in the past when you feel weak and alone in the present?

Of course I don’t!

But that’s the point, isn’t it? To remind your flesh that you aren’t alone? That He has your back? That He always has? That your situation is temporary and that you can trust Him?

Stop wailing your arms in desperation that He can’t see you but rather, boldly embrace the waves, fully confident that the One who saved you before is holding onto you still.

Stop letting your “selective memory” to fuel your mindset and determine your reaction to your circumstances.

Choose to remember all that He has done for you.


And praise Him for the Savior that was, is and forever will be.

Love you, friends!

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;  His mercies never come to an end; they are new  every morning; great is His faithfulness.” -Lamentations 3:22-23

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