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I have noticed there is a certain phrase that has come out of my mouth a lot recently:

“Just trying to get all settled.”


Ever feel like you’re trying to get “settled” all the time? Like you’re wondering, will I ever feel settled?

I do not mean the verb “settle”, as in not progressing or choosing to remain where you are, but rather the noun of “settled”, as in a state of being at peace. That unshakable feeling of safety and contentment no matter where you are at in your life.

Well, I decided to look up what this word means, as I realized I wanted to see if I even knew what I had been saying I wanted.

A few definitions that came up in the Webster’s Dictionary for settled were:

1.) to arrange in a desired position

2.) to make quiet or orderly

3.) to establish or secure permanently

Isn’t it funny how we often use words to describe our needs/desires and we do not even fully realize what we are truly asking for or seeking?

When I reflected on these definitions, it occurred to me what I have been seeking to do in my life.

After recently moving to a new town, starting a new job, investing in new friendships, serving in new areas etc, I wanted the “newness” to wear off.

What I really wanted was to not feel a bit of anxiety, be completely and 110% secured in all areas of my life (my friends, my relationship, my job, my time management, my finances, etc) and to really get this whole “life thing” going in the right direction.

Does anyone feel like they do this too? (I hear you saying yes in my head to make me feel better )

I like to tell myself that when I am answering every question with, “well, once I get settled”, I simply mean, “once I have all my boxes put away and all my picture frames hung”, but I think I’ve let that desire for feeling “settled” to overflow into all areas of my life.

It’s like my desire to have it all “together” has actually handicapped my ability to put anything together.

Truly, I don’t think I, myself, even realized what I have been seeking until I sat down this afternoon and talked to Jesus about it.

“So, Jesus, like, um, when does that whole “settled” feeling occur?”

And do you think once I know my schedule more, have some new friends anchored down, am fully invested in a Bible study, have my workout routine figured out and all that, I will feel more settled?”

I could seriously just see Him going, “Woah, daughter, simmer down now!” (while He laughs at my incessant need to have a cookie-cutter life.

Jesus: “Cleere, can I ask you a question?”

Me: “Um…. Yeah? You’re God. You can do anything.”

(Y’all, I really have these conversations with Jesus, you’re welcome for writing down how they honestly transpire).

Jesus: “Well, what do you really want for your life? Are you asking to feel comfortable in all the visible ways or are you asking when you’re heart will feel at rest and secure?”

Me: “I think I want your type of safety, not the world’s. But I guess I get so caught up in the world’s…and then I want it too. But really I don’t. You’re right Jesus, I just want to feel safe in you. I want to feel…um…”

Jesus: “Taken care of? No matter what?”

Me: “Yes. How’d you know? Wait, dumb question. Yes. All those. Why do I always resort to “doing stuff” and “earning more” and “attaining the latest and greatest” to feel more settled rather than just spending time with You?”

Jesus: “Because if you didn’t stop to question your own ways sometimes, you might actually think you’re self-reliant It’s okay, I know the world feeds and sells you many definitions of what “security’ is and where you find it. It’s easy to listen to them. But don’t be anxious about being “unsettled”. Places, friendships, jobs, all of that- it will come and it will go. Your circumstances will continue to change. But I will last forever.”

And that was it.

He stopped me, dead in my tracks, gave me a chill pill and reminded me that Satan wants me to feel as though I have to conquer the world to feel settled, when in reality His security is already available to me within my present circumstances.

And He never leaves my side.

SO, that means, I can feel settled and secure no matter what.

Sure, it is nice to get the furniture we need, or attain the job we desire, or get our bank account to a “safe” amount, but does it last?

The reality is, our flesh wants us to strive for the perfect life.

If we check off our to-do-lists, get our perfect body, find that perfect house, land that promotion, have five best friends, attend our weekly Bible Study and have a color-coded planner, life will be grand.

But our spirit knows better as it reminds us that perfection is a far cry for our wreckless hearts, but with Jesus?

We can experience His steadfast peace.

When all goes array, Jesus will stay.

Our safety is not found in our circumstances, it is found in our foundation.

It is true.

So, let your heart be “settled” in the fact that you may never tangibly feel “settled” but your security is not dependent upon anything you can see.

It is greater.

And it is bigger.

And it is constant.

And it is rooted in a foundation that can’t be removed.

Spend time with your Jesus & let Him wrap His arms around you.

Sound simple? It actually is just that.

Let Him make you feel settled and safe.

And just remember that comfortable is not the synonym of safe, Jesus is. And He is known for ripping you right out of your comfort zone  

Have a GREAT Monday, friends!

“The Lord will keep you from all harm, He will watch over your life; He will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” -Psalm 121: 7-8

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