Show up today.

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Wait, no, seriously.

“It’s Friday. It’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s so beautiful outside. I’m so over today already!”


Absolutely not.

Why? Because you are so capable of pushing past your feelings and relying on your faith to see you through.

Because you’re going to adjust your attitude to one of gratitude instead of griping.

Because you’re going to place yourself in a posture of embracing this day rather than running from your responsibilities and you are going to crush it.

Because short and sweet, you’re tired of standing in your own way and you are resolving to not do that again today.

Because when you show up, despite how you feel, your discipline is rewarded, your future self is appreciative and your present self is more confident, realizing you were always capable of making things happen, you just had to show up to do so.

Make it a weekend where you have no choice but to kick your feet up and relax because you straight up kilt your Friday???????????????? (and by kilt I mean went after it swinging and didn’t miss)!

Happy Fri-YAY!!! Let’s make it a GREAT one!????


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