Smell the roses- it helps the “Monday grind”

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I know, I know. Stopping and smelling the roses feels directly opposite of what you need to do for your “Monday grind”. It’s the start of the week, we have to get stuff done right?

Like, it’s Monday. We have meetings up ahead, the children have 9289 commitments (therefore we have 9289 commitments), finals are this week, etc.

Of course. I’m right there with you. BUT– hear me out on this.

When are you most effective? When you are nose-down in your work, so concerned with one tree that you lose sight of the forest? Or when you approach each task with a larger perspective in mind?

Isn’t the “grind” of your workday far more successful when gratitude is your foundation?

And how does gratitude become a reality? When you take the time to survey and smell the roses and you remember who holds your future.

So, let’s be wise. Our preparing and our planning is far more productive when we pause and remember His perspective.

I will spare you making this long and drawn out, cause like we said- it’s Monday. And I am not sure if you have had your five cups of coffee yet…but do yourself a favor and just stop for a moment.

It is those that remember this truth and discipline themselves in pausing that reap the rewards of true productivity.



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