Spring Cleaning.

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is trading out their uggs for their flip-flops and the sweaters are going to the bottom of the stack as the tank tops regain their place on the top. The dust bunnies are FINALLY taken care of (mostly). Everything gets sparkly clean as the febreeze is sprayed and the windows are finally open to let the spring air inside. Spring Cleaning, the time when everyone does a re-vamping of their living area. Annoying but necessary. Time-consuming but essential. There is something about spring cleaning that just makes you feel good, it’s like your life is getting a little makeover of some sort. And the spring breeze certainly doesn’t hurt.

Speaking of spring cleaning, my room/closet was in dire need of spring cleaning last week. I’m pretty sure I wore uggs when it was seventy degrees one day last week (not to mention they are the ugliest shoes on the planet…which I’ve accepted, moved on and will still wear them religiously every winter.) After I finished, I felt relieved. I had room for everything I needed for the next season. I found things in the process of cleaning my room that I had been looking for FOREVER. I could only laugh at myself at the places I found them. I had put my zapper (I guess normal people call it a channel changer) in my desk drawer. How that I occurred, I am still figuring that one out.

Anyway, I started to think as I was cleaning, this is kind of what God does with our lives after different seasons we go through. He gets down to the nitty-gritty corners that we don’t address and gets all the dust bunnies. He removes things, situations, people or circumstances from our lives that are not beneficial to us. He takes the time to address the deepest parts of our heart and clear us of feelings we should not be feeling or desires that stand in our way of a fulfilled and happy heart. He longs to fill the holes in our life with substantial things. He wants to take out our “uggs”, if you will, and give us a pair of shoes a little more useful for the season we have coming up.

Its funny how often we fight God in doing this. He sometimes sends such clear signs that something is not fitting into the will He has for our lives. Maybe a harmful relationship, a destructive lifestyle or a painful remembrance of our past that we can’t let our minds forget. He longs to strip us of those things because He wants positive, important, joyful, important, stress-free, exciting, lovely and heavenly things to fill our closet instead! He is a good God. He will not take something from your life unless it is keeping you from where you need to be going!

Think about how great it felt to be done with your spring cleaning. (If you haven’t done that, NOW is the perfect time!) How awesome would it be if your life felt that organized, refreshed and new? That is the way our hearts will feel if we let Jesus clean the closets of our heart. It doesn’t matter how dirty our room is or how messed up we think our lives are, God wants to meet you right where you are! Do not wait another minute to let Him take from you those things that do not benefit your life. You simply have too many places to go, too many people to enjoy and too many things to do in this life to have other things in their way. So unless you like wearing Uggs when it is eighty degrees, i suggest you pick up the swiffer and let God get to work in your life and your room. After all, if your life is so full of “stuff”, you leave God no room to pour out the blessings He has planned for you!!!

Happy Spring Cleaning! Feels good, right?

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