Stop & see– He is greater than it all.

Stop wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

This may not be your view but I want us to reframe our perspective a little bit today. Often times, I believe we enter our workplace, our homes and even our vacations in a state of exhaustion and worry and even preparation. Don’t get me wrong, preparation is necessary but if it destroys your peace, it has been taken too far.

And sometimes when these things are so heightened, our ability to really see what’s around becomes clouded.

As I looked out onto the water today, I just thought “wow”. Wow. You are greater.

These crashing waves seem so big but to You, they are minuscule, silenced by Your voice. This beach is full of people with stories; some experiencing heartache and others wrapped in the joy of family vacation– but we are all here. We may see the same picture but the perspective that we take away is always different.”

Can you help us today, Jesus? To frame our view using Your hands, referencing Your strength, trusting in Your provision and knowing that there is ALWAYS beauty to be seen.

Get out there, friends! Smell the fresh air, soak in His goodness & be reminded that He is greater. Forever.

Let Him make your worries small because He is so magnified in your life. Write that down, paint it on your mirror, tattoo it on your arm (not really) but whatever it takes– we must make Him that BIG in our lives.


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