Sugar-Free Jello.


Do you know someone in your life who, no matter what they are going through, they ask how YOU are?

Well, my grandfather, Pops (that’s what we call him), is one of those.

Honestly it is insane to me.

Pops had been in the hospital for a few weeks when I called him just to check and see how he was feeling.

He spoke slowly and quietly, as he told me that he was really sorry but his hearing aid wasn’t in today because he had all this “hospital mess” around, so it might be a little tough to hear what I was saying.

I tried to ask him all sorts of questions, hear about how he was feeling and whether he felt like he was gaining strength and of course, making sure he had told his friends at The Waffle House that he might not be there for a few mornings but he would return.

He laughed so hard that I thought about calling my dad to go check on him and make sure he didn’t fall out of the hospital bed from laughing so hard.

As I kept asking questions, Pops interrupted me and said, “Honey, my life is pretty boring. Tell me about your work and your living space in Texas. Are you going on fun adventures?”

I had never heard Pops say the word, “adventures”, but something in me makes me think that laying in a hospital room for a few days will start reminding you that life is short and we should go on adventures until we simply can’t anymore. 

I think Pops wanted to make sure that I was still living my life, despite the fact that he couldn’t go on adventures of his own.

After I finished telling him everything and updating him on my recent escapades, he made a comment that will forever stay with me.

“Just remember, that no matter where you are or how you are spending your time, I love you. And I think you are wonderful.”

With a lump in my throat the size of Jupiter, I truly had no words to say.

“Ya know, Pops, I hope I am blessed enough to be even just a little like you. I am going to come home soon and we can go to the K & W Cafeteria and get some green beans (you can get your sugar-free jello) since you’re a 70-year old stud these days.”

He is 85 but you wouldn’t know the difference.

My grandfather has taught me so many things as I have grown up. Much of which, I don’t think he even knows about.

He is a resilient man, whom I believe can truly beat the odds every time.

He always has the best questions and finds such joy in knowing how life is going for everyone else around him.

As I thought about him this morning, I am encouraged to be a little more selfless.

Even when my adventures aren’t panning out as I thought they would be or when life just seems to be hitting me hard, maybe it would be best to take that time to ask about other people’s adventures.

Share in their journeys and hear  about what God is doing in their life.

It’s often when life has kicked us to the ground a bit that others turn to us to see how we might respond.

I pray that I take on the attitude of my Pops.

I hope I laugh so hard in my hospital bed I almost fall off.

I hope I still ask questions about regular stuff instead of focusing on all that “medical mess”, as he phrased it.

I hope I can tell someone they are wonderful and they are loved and listen, I mean really listen, to all of their adventures.

Stories are extremely exciting when we are the characters, but sometimes, it’s just as exciting to hear about them as our eyes grow big in our hospital beds or our comfy couches at home.

Take the time to ask someone about their adventure today.

Make sure to tell them that you love them.

That they are wonderful.

And you might just feel like you’re in the story yourself

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