Teddy Bear or Tarantula?

Have you ever watched the show, “Total Blackout”?

I saw it for the first time tonight and I am not kidding when I say I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.


Essentially, the show is made up of three tasks that each contestant/contestant team has to perform.

Except there is one little minor detail we got going on here: It is in COMPLETE DARKNESS. Hints the name: Total blackout.

I mean, not even a night-light or a peephole of light.

Tonight, one of the challenges was to transfer items from one tank to another tank. The first thing that they transferred from the tank was a SNAKE.

Yes, a snake. Count me out then! Done! See y’all later! Not a fan of snakes.

However, the next thing they picked out of the tank was a teddy bear! A literal wet stuffed animal.

It can’t bite. Or hurt you. Or anything!

But in the dark, you don’t know that do you?

So, naturally, the contestant was screaming and barely holding it by the tip of the ear screaming “OH MY GOSH! AHHH WHAT IS THIS!!!?”(meanwhile, I am rolling laughing).

I guess my point is, if you are that contestant? You are TERRIFIED. You are walking in the unknown, completely unaware of what challenge you are about to face.

It often is not the particular challenges in this show that make it so difficult to complete, but rather the perspective that these contestants have to compete in!

It makes teddy bears turn into monsters!

Aren’t we the same in our daily lives?

We allow ourselves to mull around in darkness, not allowing any light to permeate our minds. Therefore, our perspectives are skewed and are reality is irrational.

Our imaginations run wild, imaging the worst possible circumstances.

Our anxiety runs sky high and before you know it, our mole hill is Mount Everest!

The reality of any situation is this: It is not too big for our God to fix and it is not too small for Our God to overlook.

Turn on the LIGHTS!

Why operate in “total blackout” when you have the ability to turn on the lights!?

Don’t let your teddy bear become a tarantula!  

Operation Total Blackout is over, Jesus is on the scene

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