The Beanie Baby Life.

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“Please!!!!!! Please!!!!!!! I need it!!!!! I will sell my bed!!!! And all my gel pens and milky pens!!!!”

If I had to guess, that would’ve been exactly what I said to my parents as I pleaded to buy my next Beanie Baby.

It came in a glass case, as I am sure it was of utter importance to protect him from turning from a beanie baby to a pile of beans.

I can’t even remember the beanie baby’s name (like I said, this bear really meant a lot to me)  but I know it was a bear with a red and black fancy costume on.

My parents caved, probably to shut me up, and that little bear sat on top of my dresser for the next ten years.

Now that I think about it, what a WEIRD present to want so badly!

You would’ve thought, At the price that it cost, that the bear would robotically turn into my personal assistant for a day or at least play with me.

But it didn’t.

Homebear (get it? Homeboy + bear), sat and collected dust while I carried on with my life and literally completely forgot he existed until we moved to our new house.

I remember putting him in a box and remembering the feeling of euphoria when I first received him.

And now?

Well, I was onto my next homebear or whatever hobby was became cool at the time.

I am sure we can all remember things that we’ve purchased/pleaded to receive that now sit in our garages, attics, or are displayed on our EBay accounts as we quickly realized: they had already lost their sparkle.

Isn’t life this way?

We see the world around us reaching for the latest and greatest; we witness our friends buy that new car or new computer; we become absolutely consumed with obtaining the most recent, coolest stuff out there.

And so, we get it.

We buy whatever it is.

And with time, often not much at all, our “latest and greatest” purchase becomes old-fashioned and we set sail again.

The sparkle wears off.

The dust starts to collect.

And the chase continues.

Aren’t you exhausted!?!

I know I am.

And before I say this, let me just clarifying that I am absolutely not knocking owning nice things, being tech-savvy or fashion forward or whatever your Beanie Baby of choice is.

However, I am absolutely saying that expecting a Beanie Baby to satisfy your craving and attempt to be satisfied, you will always, always, always be disappointed.

Running after the next best thing.

At first, you just wanted the iphone and THEN you would be happy.

But now, you’re about to have a heart attack that your new iPhone 5s hasn’t come in the mail yet.

See what I mean?

However, the truth of the matter is: money is necessary.

For adventures, experiences and just living everyday life.

But it is not where we should ever place our hope.

Much like gel pens, Pokemon cards, beanie babies and everything else that used to mean so much, eventually, their value depreciates.

That’s not Homebear’s fault though, he never was supposed to be your answer.

Jesus is.

Cheesy but true, He is the only sparkle that doesn’t lose it’s shine.

Hope in Him.

Collect His words.

Invest in His Kingdom.

He was relevant 2,000 years ago and He is relevant today.

The truth of the matter is, because we live in a constantly evolving culture, the thing that used to be #1 on your Christmas list will eventually be on our EBay “sell” list.

Friends, don’t spend your life collecting Beanie Babies or Pokemon Cards (that’s how ridiculous our current obsessions will sound soon) just so that they can sit on the shelf.

You can’t take your Peace Tye-dye bear or Holographic Charizard with you when you go.

So, my encouragement to you, is to not let the temporary possessions that you do not keep affect the eternal fate that you will have or the mindset you have until then.

Chase Jesus.

He never loses His sparkle

“Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.” -Ecclesiastes 5:10

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