The bread of life is never stale.

As I am watching “The Bible” series right now on The History Channel, I am completely in awe of the strength and faith that these people had.

Watching David kill Goliath with JUST a slingshot was the craziest, most awesome thing I’ve ever seen! Goliath was not just an enemy, he was a MASSIVE, Amazon-like human being!

Watching all these stories that we have read come alive and the characters are represented by actual people, it’s like the stores become that much more real.

Because we are surrounded by so many stories, it is easy to see these as just “common” or “ordinary”. 

OR we minimize what actually happened because our minds literally can’t comprehend the faithfulness of God. I mean, how does He work every single detail out to perfection?

A man, with hardly any armor on, used a slingshot to kill a ten foot giant.

That’s CRAZY.

But the Bible is FULL of these stories!!! Story after story after story.

How have we let The Bible be known as this outdated, irrelevant, unrealistic book full of “stories” that can’t possibly help us out now?

These characters aren’t made up and their stories are not just to “make a good book”.

Their courage is real. 

Their faithfulness is real.

Their struggles and trials are real.

This book, “The Bible”  is 100% truth and it is power.

Because religion can get sticky and many of us get so tangled up in the expectations and obligations of a religion, we treat The Bible as if it is a token to put on our dresser.

A book in which we quote in hard times and that’s about it.

BUT it is everything!

It is God-breathed, full of LIFE and the most relevant source to anything we will ever go through in this life.

Your emotions? Your struggles? Your circumstances? Your trials? Your desires? 

The Bible is the sword of truth- our secret weapon- to getting through it all! 

Jesus never intended for us to get a fancy, leather engraved Bible to collect dust on the shelf! Oh no!

It was intended to guide us, to instruct us, to encourage us, to inspire us, and to remind us of who we are when the world decides we simply aren’t good enough.

When is the last time you dug in and really fed yourself with the truth?

It’s not meant for a special occasion, it is for NOW!

And if you haven’t tuned into the Bible series, I highly suggest that you do so immediately. 

You like “Housewives of Atlanta” or Beverly Hills? Girlfriend, check out the drama in The Bible.

Does the suspense of “Revenge” glue you to your couch? Just WAIT and see what God does in these stories, His mystery is filled with wonder! 

Is the action of “Breaking Bad” or an episode of “24” your adrenaline rush for the week? News flash: The Bible is NO stranger to hard-core action, war and violence. 

Does the medical wonder and events that occur on “Grey’s Anatomy” your highlight of the week? You should see the miracles our Jesus works. I’m talking healing the blind, making the deaf hear and raising the dead kinda stuff! 

Y’all, take the time to read His word. It is life & it will NEVER disappoint!

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” -Psalm 119:105

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