The Great I Am.

Today was not an easy day for me.

I had work all day, the future on my mind and I knew I was going to have to study for two tests tomorrow. To say the least, it was an exhausting day and still isn’t over! I told my mom earlier that I feel like I have been running a marathon today cause my mind has been turning circles!

But on my drive home, Jesus intervened. Like always. Seriously, I am not sure why I get the least bit surprised when He shows up big. He ALWAYS does when I ask for Him!

The words of a song softly reminded me that this is not where I belong. Days will be hard, people can be frustrating and life can seem unfair but all this life is but a glimpse of the eternal rewards that await me. So, why worry?

No, really. Why?

As I allowed myself to actually breathe, rolled my window down and said “thank you Lord” over and over and over again, He simply said back, “Always.”

God didn’t show up just today. He didn’t fight for me just today. he didn’t answer my knock on the door just today. That’s Him, every single day.

Good gosh, I serve an awesome God!

In the midst of my calming down, I took a second to write and just thank Him for being so good to me.

Jesus kinda took it from there…

This poem is called “The Great I Am.”

You offer me this uncanny sense of relief.
Like a calm wave washes over and I can no longer speak
Your voice strikes a nerve deep inside of my soul
Reminding me that in your arms is a place of control.
After a hard day, i just want to to be cradled in you
Just to sit in your lap and take in the view
Chiseled jawline but your soft eyes tell a story
They radiate something beyond this human sense of glory
I begin to look in them and see down a long path up ahead
But you reel me back in and as me to just rest instead
Do you get tired of me asking the same question over and over again
“How much do you love me even after I sin?”
But your reaction, its the same, every single time
As you outstretch your arms like the picture in my storybook rhyme
It’s you, on the cross, but with no nail wounds to show
Your smile reminds me of all I ever need to know.
So I never will comprehend or understand why
The King of the universe loved me enough to die.
Like he did as blood ran down his face
Three days later, rising again in all of his grace
He told evil, “my father is the almighty, don’t you realize?
That your arrows are wasteful and your schemes are all lies
You cant stop me or destroy my people here
My physical flesh departing doesn’t mean I disappear
I will reign more than ever as they all will learn
I am the maker of every ocean and every fire that burns
And their souls will yearn and they’ll be consumed with my love
And your evil cant take them cause they have the peace of a dove
They may fall, they may slip but their security isn’t for sell
I will tell you this softly, I wont waste my voice and yell
for My people know their real home and eternal resting place
your demons don’t scare them so turn your ugly face
I am the god of gods and this is a raging war
My angels are warriors , you have no idea what is in store
Maybe in the garden, eve bought into your lies
When you bore your hatrid and was a snake in disguise
But victory is ours, we will always prevail
and you and yours can go straight back to hell.
So exhaust yourself as you try and manipulate
Using strategies and weapons to cause strife and hate
My love outshines it no matter what place you attack
You think I am weak but I don’t need a gun on my back
My power comes from the highest heavens and the tallest tower
Once every one bows on one knee, you will also cower
As I watch you cast down into the lake of eternal fire
As you wither and suffer and everyone sees you’re a liar
Until then, I’ll continue to rest easy cause I know
My people are safe cause where they go, I go
You have been given your change to realize who is king
But now no sympathy, a death song you will sing
I am Lord of lords, there is no one I fear
when I come back for my bride, the song you will hear
Every knee will bow and follow my command
My strength and my glory will bestow the great I am.
My people hearts will be fulfilled as they prepare to return
To the pearly gates of heaven where all their hearts yearn
And life is made perfect and the weak are made strong
But for you, lucifer, this is not where you belong.
I once whispered to them their identity as you laughed in their ear
But they’re in my domain now, and you cant enter here.

That guy I was just talking about above…yeah, He lives inside of you.

I’m sorry, did you hear me?

The almighty King of Kings, heavenly positioned, author of all faith, Lord of Lords and Great I AM lives in You.

Soak that in, baby!

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