The Little Engine that can’t.

small voice in our heads.


Terrible blog title, huh?

Keep reading, I promise it will make sense at the end.

I started a new book recently. The book is “Start” by Jon Acuff and it rocks. I highly suggest it.

Anywho, he talks about the voice we all have in our heads that chirps in whenever we start something new, decide to go after a goal or even take a step of faith in any area of our lives.

He talked with  a counselor who opened a non-profit and has worked with thousands and thousands of people to label their dreams, their desires and what is stopping them from going after them.

He told Acuff, when interviewed, that after working with all the people he has over the years, he has YET to meet someone whose internal voice is a positive one.

In other words, no one’s internal voice says, “You’re pretty enough already!”, “Don’t worry about that small little issue, it’s outside your control!” or “It’s never too late to start. Believe in yourself!”


This got me thinking…what do the voices in my head tell me?

And Acuff and his friend were correct; they’re never positive!

Now don’t get confused here: I am not talking about the Holy spirit, I am talking about that other voice.

That one that discourages you and tells you you’re too out of shape, too old, too ugly, incapable and not worthy of running after what you want.

That voice.

In “Start”, Acuff goes through the voices in his head and dissects what they’re saying and if there is ever any truth behind it!

And crazy enough, NOT ONE of them is rooted in truth.

Where do the voices stem from?


Fear has this irrational way of arguing both sides of a situation and making us jump in this vortex of disillusion that we were ever crazy for thinking we could do something cool or awesome or big or noteworthy.

The little engine that could is definitely not listening to his little train’s voice that he is too rusty.

He is listening to the Holy Spirit.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

Let me help you: You can.

But only if you are willing to combat those negative voices that pop up and keep you from ever starting!

See how irrational they are?!?!  They tell you CAN’T and they’ve never even seen you TRY!

Why do we listen to them?

Because it’s easy.

They’re loud.

It’s a good excuse to be lazy.

It allows us to stay safe in our little port and not clean up the train to actually go somewhere.

What do your internal voices tell you when you try and do something?

Maybe they always attack your appearance.

Or your intelligence

Or your age.

Or your athleticism.

Whatever it is, there is a greater, more powerful, more knowledgeable voice we should listen to and He lives inside us.

The Holy Spirit says, “I know you can because we can.”

Without Jesus, this children’s book would have a sad, sad ending.

Because we can’t, without Jesus.

Listen to the ONLY voice that matters.

My advice for you today: Write down those voices that keep you on the couch. What do they say? Are they rooted in truth?

(Hint: They’re dumb)

Now, remind yourself that you can because the One that is in you is greater than the one who is in this world.

You are the little engine that can’t without Jesus but with Him, You are always the little engine that CAN.

Love y’all!

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in youis greater than the one who is in the world.” -1 John 4:4

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