The little go a long way.

My mama has always told me, “Cleere, just be faithful in the little things. Those amount to much”.

It’s not that I didn’t believe her when she told me this; in fact, I knew it to be true. However, I am learning so much in my current season about the power of this phrase when applying to one’s life.

It could be spending your first five minutes with Jesus.

It could be drinking eight cups of water everyday.

It could be praying for the one person who has always been a thorn in your side.

It could be serving your spouse in a new way each week.

It could be allowing yourself to more “interrupted” to the little appointments God makes throughout your day with those around you.

Whatever it is, there are so many “little” things in our lives that sum up our days.

I think because we hear the word, “little”, we associate it with a small value. If it does not take up a ton of our time or it does not require a lot of money or it does not drain us of our resources, time, energy, whatever it may be, then we deem it “insignificant”.

And guess what happens when we put a low value on anything in our lives?

We compromise our commitment to it.

Because we have convinced ourselves that it won’t make a large dent in our lives or that the results are not life-altering, the consistency in that “little thing” then becomes unnecessary.

But, as I am learning each and everyday, being faithful in the little things is actually revolutionary.

A few “small” things that I have been more attentive to in my life are:

-Reading the Bible- (not listening to a podcast, reading a Christian book or listening to praise & worship but just straight getting in His truth!)

-Constant Conversation with Jesus- just talking in my head, expressing my confusion, bringing my emotions to His altar and letting HIM help me deal with them instead of those around me

-Patience in the everyday moments: Whether it be staying 15 extra minutes at work to finish a design so that we have another thing crossed off our list or whether that be Christmas traffic or just patience with myself. Mainly myself honestly. For some reason, my standards for myself are nearly impossible so I have tried to really address my need for “urgency” and resolution in areas where Jesus is actually challenging me to be patient.

-Journaling & Writing: I always have a million thoughts going around in my head and I realize I am supposed to write some of them down but I am not always obedient in that. The truth is, writing frees me. When I write, I never question if I am spending my time correctly because it feels appointed. So, I have given myself more margin to do these things because I know they are good for me!

Enough about me, I know you don’t want to hear a million things on my list but for you- what are some “little” things that you need to be more faithful in in your life?

I am sure you have a few that instantly come to mind- usually the less preferable ones that Jesus has been knocking on your door about for a while now ☺

Can I make you a promise?

If you do follow-through and are intentional with the small, you WILL notice a difference, Jesus WILL honor your obedience, you WILL develop more confidence in the “big” and you will realize that the “little” things were not so little after all.

Jesus says that those who are faithful in the little things will be faithful in the large things.

Why? Because at the end of the day, it was never the size of your entrustment that was most important, it was how treated it, the value you placed on it, the integrity that you maintained while being entrusted with it—THAT was the Lord’s focus!

So, all in all, may we never place a small value on faithfulness, regardless of the size of our assignment, possession or experience.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, friends! ☺ You are SO loved!!!

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” –Luke 16:10

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